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Retrain Your Brain: Mindfulness


Sometimes our own thoughts can lead us into a deep, dark, and endless pit. Thankfully, there just so happens to be an easily learned way to lighten it up a bit! Today we learn about Mindfulness and all it can do to help us dig our way out.

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ISAAW: Unbelievable Robots!


Do you have any robots in your life yet? Maybe at your workplace? How about in your home? If not now, you soon will! While pop culture makes that future seem dark, there is actually so much wonder in what’s going on right now! Take a look…

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Giving New Meaning to “The Little Things”


It’s so easy these days to get bogged down by the scale of the world’s problems, but what if we turned that focus upside down? Turns out there is remarkable connection, beauty, and possibility just waiting for us in our routines and ordinary moments! Here’s what one nurse was able to create by doing just that…

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