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Have You Hugged an Apex Predator Today?


Did you know that whale poop can slow climate change, wolves can change rivers, and the sand from China’s Gobi Desert is now reaching the United States? It’s all about those apex predators and keystone species!

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This Prosthetic Arm Doesn’t Look Human — And That’s Awesome


This prosthesis is not only the cheapest bionic arm you can find on the market, it’s also one of the coolest. The Hero Arm is 3D printed for anyone age 9 and above, customizable, and inspiring a new wave of research!

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What Are Conductors Even Doing?


Most of us have pretended to be an orchestra conductor at some point in our lives. The interesting thing is, we actually understand, on some level, what we’re doing, even if we know nothing about music! This is a fascinating and fun window into a world we never knew we shared.

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