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Taking on the Fundy Footpath!


Have you ever been inspired to embrace a passion for something and then quickly realized you don’t have the training to enjoy it as you imagined? Maybe what we can appreciate is something very different than what we had in mind, and that makes the adventure even better.

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Medical Clowning: The Noble Job of Spreading Joy


What if there was a way to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain for patients in the hospital without the use of medication? And what if that “therapy” came in the form of an unexpected group of performers? It turns out medical clowning can have a profoundly positive impact on healing!

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What Are Animals Trying to Say to Us?


What if animals have been trying to tell us things all this time… and we just can’t hear them? What if we could? What sort of insights could we glean from their experience in the world? Here’s a look at how technology is bringing us closer to them.

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Especially given the last week’s events in our country – your site is a welcome respite and a great reminder...

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