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A True Tale of Finding a Best Friend in a Beluga Whale


Can an unlikely friendship help save an entire species? When an aquarium trainer met her counterpoint in a friendly beluga whale, a bond was formed that can teach us more than we ever dreamed possible. Let’s dive into a real-life story that will have you heading to the nearest aquarium in search of a new best friend!

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Have You Heard of Lizzo? Here’s Her Secret to Success


Are you trying to achieve a goal? Is it taking longer than you thought it was? Here’s the motivation you need to keep pushing forward from one of the world’s most influential stars: Lizzo!

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How a Vancouver Hotel Is Supporting First Nations Artists


How can a hotel support the art and culture of a community? When it comes to doing good business that’s good for the world, Skwachàys Lodge has created a model for supporting Indigenous artists while giving people a world-class vacation in Vancouver!

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