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An Amazing Journey to the 2020 Olympics: An Underdog Story


Why do we love a good underdog story? Maybe it says a little bit about the way we connect with others through shared determination and grit. If you love to root for the underdog, prepare to meet the Zambian National handball team; a truly inspiring underdog on a journey to the 2020 Olympics.

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What’s Our Waste Worth? A Fresh Look a the Value of Our World’s Plastic Waste


What if we saw plastic waste as a valuable commodity and not just trash? The plastics littering our beaches and streets are an untapped resource just waiting to be explored by creative entrepreneurs around the world. Find out how!

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Your Dog is Traveling Through Time… With Their Nose! 


From finding missing people, sniffing out bombs, and even detecting health problems, dogs’ remarkable sense of smell continues to impress. But what’s actually going on inside those beloved noses?

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