5 minutes

Image: Orchid Mantis Sitting on a Pink Orchid

The Orchid That’s Actually an Insect

The Orchid Mantis may look like a gorgeous flower, but behind that beauty is a deadly assassin. Check out how these remarkable creatures use their camouflage to its most deadly–and beautiful–best.

7 minutes

Image: Man standing next to a termite mound in the desert that is taller than he is

Meet the Planet’s Most Remarkable Engineers

Imagine a world of natural air conditioning, vertical farming, and sky scrapers that rival our tallest buildings. You don’t have to travel to the future to see any of this, all you have to do is turn to the insect world!

8 minutes

Image: A mountain biker on a cliff overlooking a canyon

Failure is Great!

In a world so full of advances of course there have been a few set backs. The Museum of Failure in Sweden has curated some of the best for us to view and to see that yes, failure is always an option and it has so much to teach us.

9 minutes

Image: Close up of Dustin Yellin's collage sculpture Psychogeography 66

Into the Mind of an Artist

The artist’s mind is always an interesting place to walk through, but where it can bring us can be quite beautiful. Let’s go on this journey today with sculptor, Dustin Yellin to see what’s possible when we break down the boxes that separate us!

6 minutes

Image: Medieval Image of a Griffin, Protoceratops Skull, and ancient Greek Pottery of a Griffin

The Fossil Record of Mythical Beasts?

In a time before we understood extinction, how did people interpret the fossils they found? From Griffins to snakes turned to stone through prayer, here are just some of the explanations we’ve used through time!

5 minutes

Image: Rubik's Cube

The Secrets of the Speedcubers

Have you ever wondered how to solve a Rubik’s Cube? This puzzle may seem impossible, but there’s a lot more to it. You don’t have to take our word for it, here’s the world record holder, at 5.25 seconds, with his tips!

6 minutes

Image: Coffee with foam in the shape of a smile

What’s in Your Cup?

For many, caffeine is something they can’t live without. How many of us know why that cup of tea or coffee in the morning keeps us awake? Here’s a fun look at what all that caffeine is doing up in our brains!

13 minutes

Image: people placing their hands and feet in a circle

Why Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength

Why do we feel embarrassed to ask for help? The wonderful (and hilarious) TED Speaker Michele L. Sullivan helps us reframe our perspective on asking for help, and how it all starts with having a little more compassion!

27 minutes

Image: Dumbo Octopus

Live from the Bottom of the Ocean!

Ever wondered what life looks like at the bottom of the sea? Let us introduce you to a remarkable place where you can tag along live as scientists explore the ocean’s uncharted depths!

4 minutes

Image: Freehand embroidery of a fox by Chloe Giordano

One Stitch at a Time

You may think of embroidery as an antiquated art form, but the artist Chloe Giordano’s mesmerizing freehand embroidery is breathing new life into this beautiful tradition.

7 minutes

Image: Woman asleep on a tree limb over a pond

It’s Okay, Let Yourself be Bored!

One of the best ways to increase your creativity and problem-solving may surprise you. It doesn’t involve a fancy app, or much practice, in fact, the tools you need are always with you!

5 minutes

Image: Flamingo touching its head to the water with a reflection

How the Flamingo Got Its Pink

Did you know flamingos are not born with their vibrant plumage? Their beautiful plumage is actually the result of some pretty incredible science and the remarkable ways nature has evolved to find its way!

5 minutes

Ask Yourself, Why Not Now?

Sometimes it seems that fate is pushing against us. But, thankfully there are some amazing people out there pushing right back, diving in, saying yes I can. Today, we learn the story of one more of these stunning individuals.

15 minutes

Image: Three swans with the last being left behind

The Gift in 100 Days of Rejection

If you love TED Talks, you will enjoy this one! We can all connect with Jia Jiang’s story, and then he turns the topic of rejection into terrific humor and great insight!

5 minutes

Image: Platypus swimming

Meet the Mammals that…Lay Eggs?

It’s an animal that is often perplexing, but always fascinating. Join us today as we learn a little more about the platypus, one of the planet’s most unique creatures!

8 minutes

How to Suddenly Thrive from Listening Better

What if one day we all woke up and recognized the potential of listening better? What would dinner conversation, the news, science, and politics look like if we listened to understand, not to get ready to make our next point?

15 minutes

Image: Statue of face on a hill

Take a Moment Just for YOU

We live in a world where self-criticism is normal and points the way to do better next time. But what if – when we’ve done our very best – our inner critic just accepted that and moved on? Here’s a great insight!

6 minutes

Your Smile is a Storyteller

When it comes to decoding the history of humanity, did you know ancient teeth are some of our greatest assets? Yes, the humble tooth can provide us with an incredible window into the past!