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Putting the Future of Food in New Hands: Training Farmworkers to Become Farm Owners


Creating a new life for ourselves is always possible, and nonprofit ALBA is making that possible for countless people. They’re giving immigrant farmworkers the tools and the knowledge to improve their lives by helping them have organic farms of their own!

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Find Your Purpose in Life: Show Up with Curiosity with Adam Morris


Let’s go on a journey with my friend Adam Morris. If you care about the world, and you’re looking to make it a better place but not seeing the results you want, then tune in to this episode with an open mind. Adam is the co-founder and head of operations at Wild Tiger Tees. As the visionary of this social enterprise, his ability to bring people together through positivity is what got the team to form and take home the funding to initiate it. Always approachable, Adam is a master at conversations through curiosity. He is constantly connecting within social enterprise circles at networking events, interviewing guests for his People Helping People Podcast, or taking dog Aki for walks around the block.

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No More Steeping in Solitude, Make Friends in This Free Tea Van!


Would you open up the doors of your home to share a cup of tea with a stranger? What if you made this your daily routine? For this traveler, sharing a cup of tea became more than a way to connect with others—it built an entire community.

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