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Safeguarding Hawaii’s Future by Connecting with the Past!


What if there were a new place to look for a sense of security in these times of turmoil and uncertainty, and it did not involve inventing something new or forcing ourselves forward? Instead, what if the answer to our thriving, right now, lies with remembering how our ancestors thrived!? Here’s how they’re doing it in Hawaii.

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Turn Your Utility Bill into Endless Fun with This World-Record Holder


Turn your utility bill into a swooshing supply of endless fun! John Collins, a man who flew one of his folded paper creations hundreds of feet through the air, smashing the world record, shows us the world of wonder we can all find in a few simple creases. 

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A True Tale of Finding a Best Friend in a Beluga Whale


Can an unlikely friendship help save an entire species? When an aquarium trainer met her counterpoint in a friendly beluga whale, a bond was formed that can teach us more than we ever dreamed possible. Let’s dive into a real-life story that will have you heading to the nearest aquarium in search of a new best friend!

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