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The Amazing “Year of the Quad” in the Olympics!


2018 is said to be the “Year of the Quad” in the Olympics, but what does this mean? Why is landing a quad a big deal? Here’s the science and math behind a nearly impossible feat.

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You’re Probably an Optimist, You Just Might Not Know It Yet


It turns out that optimism is hard-wired into our brains, but is this actually a good thing? What does it help us accomplish?

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The Power of Giving People a “Lollipop Moment”


Heard anything about “Lollipop Moments”? Here’s an amazing metaphor to remember how easy it is to fundamentally improve someone’s life with just a simple turn of a phrase!

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Welcome to Ever Widening Circles!

You’ve made it to a rare ad-free corner of the web where you won’t find religion or politics. We only focus on what connects us all. So explore without fear, you’re bound to come across an amazing project or natural wonder you didn’t know you shared the earth with!

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"Waking up each morning in Cairo Egypt to read your uplifting and interesting messages has really been a gift..."

~ Samia Z.

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