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Your Spare Hair Could Clean the Ocean!


Did you know you are growing a way to combat oil spills? Every day, hairdressers are throwing out pounds of hair that can be used to help clean up the environment! Clean Wave is putting that hair to good use, keeping the oceans safe and protecting wildlife.

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When Art and Science Intersect


This isn’t a photograph of the Getz Ice Shelf, its a drawing! Zaria Forman creates large-scale depictions of glaciers, and NASA’s Operation IceBridge invited her on a trip to get even closer to them. Heres that story and the gorgeous creations that came from it!

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Why Are Coral Stressed About Current Events?


We know that coral is beautiful and that it’s in danger, but what exactly is coral? Learning about these complex creatures helps us understand how to work to save and preserve them for the next generations!

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