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Ernst & Young Recruiting People With Autism to Boost its Success


Folks on the autism spectrum are too often overlooked for jobs, but these companies are seeking them out. By offering flexible hiring, onboarding and work styles they’re attracting outstanding talent from people on the autism spectrum—here’s how they do it.

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Lead like a Bee: Business Benefits of a Hive Mind with Jordan Schwartz


Our thought leader of the day is Jordan Schwartz, a believer of the “Hive Mind” as a strategy for leaders to grow their teams and businesses. The Hive Mind simply refers to the collective intelligence or consciousness of a group of people. Drawing lessons from beehives and ant colonies, Jordan leads his team in implementing his many endeavors, including Pathable, an event app and website channel for conferences and other virtual events. 

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The Messy Eater Helping Save Over 18 Other Species


Brought back from the brink of extinction, the world’s largest flying parrot won’t just stun you with its giant wings and shocking color—they’re up to something really special! Here’s how their rising numbers are helping nearly two dozen other species thrive, as well.

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