Image: Storm clouds looking like bubbles

15 minutes

Images of a Storm Chaser

Rarely are we able to capture the power of the earth’s forces on camera, but photographer Camille Seaman is chasing storms to do just that. Her photography is an incredible record of natures majesty.

Image: Moving Maps screen shot for wind patterns

9 minutes

Moving Maps: Blowing in the Wind

Wind, weather, all the phenomena above us in the sky; they all seem more like concepts than tangible realities, but moving maps make these things a remarkable reality. Take a look!

9 minutes

What’s the Perseid Meteor Shower?

Want to spend some time in an “old school” state of wonder? Take someone you care about with you on a trip to outer space tonight or tomorrow night. You may end up with more fun than you expect!

4 minutes

Why is the Sky Blue?

One of the world’s most Googled questions is “Why is the sky blue?” and today, you get that answered in less than 4 minutes!