Image: Giraffe's poking their heads into the windows of Giraffe Manor during breakfast

8 minutes

Breakfast at Giraffe Manor

You get a wonderful appreciation of the size of a giraffe when their head is in your cereal bowl. Here’s the marvelous story of Kenya’s Giraffe Manor.

Image: Pyramids at sunset

8 minutes

A Pyramid Primer: How much do you really know?

Most of us think we know a fair amount about things like the pyramids. But do we? What if our information still dates from magazines in elementary school, and we only have the gist of things? Here’s something to consider.

15 minutes

Keeping Tradition Alive in the Scottish Isles

How do we keep traditions alive in this era? On the isle of Harris, the production of Harris Tweed is breathes life into old ways. Take a journey with us and explore this beautiful culture and the landscape that inspires it!

14 minutes

Celebrating Our Similarities

What if we spent more time celebrating our similarities? Here’s a National Geographic Photographer’s tale of how connected we really are to even the world’s most remote populations!

Image: Robyn Davidson with her camels photographed by Rick Smolan

10 minutes

A Photographer’s Life Changing Stories

Photographers bring the world to our living rooms and have witnessed much of life on this planet. Here are two stories that changed one photographer’s life, and the lessons they taught him…

12 minutes

To Chase a Cheese

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival might be one of the strangest annual events in the world. This is what happens when thousands of people cram onto a hillside to watch brave souls chase a wheel of cheese down an almost vertical incline…

28 minutes

Climbing China’s Remarkable Rocks

What would it be like to head out on an expedition with National Geographic? These are the remarkable stories and images from an incredible adventure to climb some of China’s most amazing rock formations…

Image: Arctic white wolf

12 minutes

Life in Snowy Wonder: Another Kind of Paradise

Would your version of “paradise” include ice and snow? Maybe it will after you spend 10 minutes with the magnificent photographer Vincent Munier on his journey to capture the lives of some of the Arctic’s most stunning creatures…

Image: Crowds with mouth agape in the Sistine Chapel

18 minutes

At our best, we can create soaring spaces!

The Sistine Chapel is one of the world’s more revered artistic sites. Art historian Elizabeth Lev takes us on a journey through this magnificent space that transcends religion and culture, and gets at the essence of wonder!

15 minutes

Keeping Tradition Alive in the Modern World

The weaving traditions of Peru are not only breathtaking in their beauty, but they preserve and celebrate a long cultural heritage of the handcrafted. On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we take a journey to the Andes for a spectacular glimpse of tradition.

30 minutes

Wytham Woods, a Laboratory with Leaves

Oxford University’s Wytham Woods is a place of science, art, and conservation. This incredible Laboratory with Leaves is a wonderful reminder that the beauty of nature is waiting for us in our own backyard!

12 minutes

At the Volcano’s Edge

What happens when you use drones to explore the depths of one of the world’s most active volcanoes? We join explorer and filmmaker Sam Cossman on his journey to discover life at the edge of one of the planet’s most hostile environments!

7 minutes

Giant Crystal Cave: An Underground Wonder!

The earth beneath us holds some of the world’s most incredible wonders, the Giant Crystal Cave of Mexico is one of the most extraordinary. Join us as we head underground to explore the scientific depths of this amazing place!

15 minutes

Incredible Ice Music Festival

Once a year, under the first full moon, in a frozen town in Norway, musicians come together to create incredible music on instruments made entirely of ice. The world the festival creates is an incredible and unique aural experience.

6 minutes

Jellyfish Lake: An Otherworldly Place

On Saturdays Around the World, we take you to Jellyfish Lake, one of the most incredible underwater places in the world. It is home to millions of beautiful, virtually stingless Golden Jellyfish, and it is an aquatic marvel.

Image: Before and After photo of Christoph Rehage's longest walk

12 minutes

Walking Across China: Way 1.0 & 2.0

Walking across China – one foot in front of the other for 4,500 km (2800 miles) – sounds like an epic journey. Wait until you see the clever, amazing way Christoph shares it with us!