Image: Coffee with foam in the shape of a smile

6 minutes

What’s in Your Cup?

For many, caffeine is something they can’t live without. How many of us know why that cup of tea or coffee in the morning keeps us awake? Here’s a fun look at what all that caffeine is doing up in our brains!

Image: Climber on top of Everest on a clear day

6 minutes

Why is Mt. Everest So Massive?

Is there some unseen force that compels a thousand people each year to risk their lives climbing Everest? Here’s more reason to behold Everest with awe!

7 minutes

Continental Collision Course

Not many of us stop to think about what the world looked like before our continents separated and then re-connected in a new way many years ago. Why does it still matter? Fascinating food for thought here today! Take a look…

7 minutes

History and Science of Fireworks

Ever wondered where fireworks come from? What is the science behind this explosive entertainment? In celebration of the 4th of July, we give you a little background to be armed with this holiday!

6 minutes

Perfecting the Hardest Move in Ballet

Not a “dance” person? How about learning to appreciate the beauty of ballet through physics, athleticism and artistry? Let’s tackle the hardest move in ballet from a new angle!

Asking questions without answers

13 minutes

Asking Questions Without Answers

What can asking questions without answers teach us? Chris Anderson and TED-Ed team up to help us think about ourselves and the universe in a bigger way! Check it out!

Baking Holiday Cookies on a Platter

5 minutes

Baking Cookies is Chemistry?

Ever thought of yourself as a chemist? Well, if you have ever baked, or critiqued the results of a baker, you might just be the best chemist in your house! There’s fascinatingly fun science in those holiday cookies!