Image: Three swans with the last being left behind

15 minutes

The Gift in 100 Days of Rejection

If you love TED Talks, you will enjoy this one! We can all connect with Jia Jiang’s story, and then he turns the topic of rejection into terrific humor and great insight!

6 minutes

How to Memorize Anything!

Have a tough time learning names, remembering directions, or just want to impress your friends? Never fear! Let us introduce you to your memory palace, a place where you can memorize anything.

17 minutes

The Key to the Search for Happiness

In our quest for happiness, could we be starting from the wrong place. Today’s EWC thought leaders takes us through a way of thinking that might be the key to happiness! See what you think!

17 minutes

A Mission Returns from “Mars”

Have you ever wondered what life would be like on Mars? After a year in a Mars exploration simulation, crew members return to earth with insights on what long-term living in space would be like!

4 minutes

Are Musical Tastes Hardwired?

Are there chords out there that, well, strike a chord in us all? New research is coming up with some fascinating answers to whether or not our likes and dislikes when it comes to music are hardwired!

6 minutes

The Joyful Ones Among Us

Do you have someone in your life who is always focused on keeping everyone else happy? They make everything work for everyone else and are the Joyful One’s Among Us! Let’s see if we can recognize them…

9 minutes

Let’s go on a Kindness Triathlon!

We think it’s the little things that make us happier people, but what if we dedicated a day to being as kind as we could to others? It turns out the science of happiness is a little more complicated than we think…

Image: Woman in a chair with sweeter over her entire body and head

17 minutes

Introverts and The Power of Quiet

Can Introverts and Extroverts find some common ground of understanding, where both find the best in each other? They can! And it’s a fascinating, even fun, journey!

Image: Politician and Beonce in power pose

23 minutes

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Could you be limiting your own potential with something as subtle as body language? Turns out that your body language tells others who you are, and that could be a lot different than who you want to be!

Image: a man in a canoe on the edge of a stormy lake

12 minutes

Weall Mayk Misteaks [We All Make Mistakes]

Is making a MISTAKE really such a bad thing? Many of our best innovations are the result of “happy accidents” and most innovator fail repeatedly before their Ah-ha moments. Could we learn to embrace mistakes? Take a look…

Little Girl with Giant Piece of Chocolate Cake

55 minutes

Do you know the secret to happiness?

You might know the secret to happiness already! It turns out most of us experience it every day and just forget to stop and recognize it! Sounds confusing, but we will let some TED speakers explain…

Image: Sally Kohn's emotional correctness

8 minutes

Emotional Correctness with Sally Kohn

We’ve all heard the term “political correctness”. Most of us have either kept up with those evolving concepts or given up trying. But what if our goal was “Emotional Correctness”? Here is a fascinating insight that might make complex dialogues actually productive! See what you think…

Image: Dr. Amen and brain scan

16 minutes

What 83,000 Brain Scans Teach Us!

What if we were able to treat anxiety, depression, or ADHD by looking inside of our brains? This form of diagnostic imaging is now a reality, and it is helping doctors treat patients more effectively than ever before.

Importance of Musical Education

14 minutes

The Power of Musical Education

How does music inspire us and transform our thoughts? While every person is unique, Richard Gill knows how powerful a musical education from a young age is to unlocking our full potential!

7 minutes

Why Do We Laugh?

Laughter has the power to bring us closer together across languages and cultures. “It’s Okay To Be Smart” helps answer the question “Why do we laugh?”

5 minutes

Boosting Our Creative Sparks

Have you ever had one of those moments in the shower when a light bulb goes on in your brain, on something you’ve been wrestling with? Turns out our creative brain can be boosted! Remarkable fun insight here today!

27 minutes

What Makes Us Happy?

We can all think of a a lot of things that makes us happy, but what if we didn’t need things and circumstances to be happy? Former biochemist turned monk Matthieu Ricard give us a leap forward on that!