Image: A silhouette of a family against the sunset

18 minutes

What is “Family?”

Sometimes the heart is a far better judge than the head. Here’s a beautiful answer to the question “What is Family?”

4 minutes

House Calls for the Homeless

What would a world look like where we spent more time in the service of humanity? One physician assistant decided to start a program to provide healthcare to the homeless not in a clinic but on the streets, making house calls to the homeless…

12 minutes

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

All over the world, plastic bags are becoming a major source of pollution. So, how do you solve a problem this big? You put two driven and passionate teenage sisters on the case. Here is their story…

10 minutes

Love Letters to Strangers

What if we turned to our mailbox and instead of our inbox for connection? And what if that mailbox was filled with love letters? Hannah Brencher founded More Love Letters to “make love famous.” Check it out!

Image: Generosity can begin by preparing food for the hungery

23 minutes

Generosity: To Give Without Reason

Generosity can be joyously large, or it can be breathtakingly simple and personal. Today we look at Narayanan Krishnan, a man who inspires us to give for no reason other than to lift the spirits of others.

18 minutes

One Teenager, Changing the World for Many

At age 14, Easton LaChappelle met a 7 year old girl who had a prosthetic arm. The limb could only open and close, and yet it cost $80,000. He thought he could do better, and do it for under $1,000. He set to work in his bedroom, and later the family garage.

10 minutes

Brilliant: Plastic Bottle Schools!

Innovation at its best may be when someone takes something we have a lot of and transforms it sustainably into something we need that is scarce. Take a look at this wonder!

19 minutes

If You Could Change the World

What would the world look like if companies used creativity and the human instinct for compassion to serve their business and humanity at the same time? Take a look at one doing it!

17 minutes

Law in Places of Lawlessness

Listen to a story that inspires so many emotions that it’s like a great storm that ends with a sparkling blue sky. An amazing TEDtalk you will never forget!

15 minutes

Compassion for All Creatures

Compassion is a universal impulse, often demonstrated by ordinary people who just won’t give up on animals. The folks will give you some cheer!

9 minutes

The Starfish Throwers

Even if you’ve heard the story of The Starfish Thrower, you might want to double back on this. We go beyond the “Wow!” and get to the story of the wonderful way this great idea was amplified by the web.

4 minutes

Photo Booth Boosts Adoption!

We will always show you the best innovators, even if their big idea won’t save the world! It’s the creative genius we love to applaud. Take a look!

17 minutes

Abundance is Our Future

The world actually isn’t going to hell in a handbasket! The data shows things are getting better and the CEO of the X-Prize foundation will tell us why and where we are headed!

9 minutes

Life Vest of Kindness

There are two orbits in the world. We can see one on the 24-hour news cycle, the other is a choice you make. Learn about your options in today’s piece.

34 minutes

Malala Yousafza: A Hero for Humankind

Here’s a hero for the ages, teaching us “Fierce Compassion”. Turns out we don’t have to be a doormat. We can stand our ground fiercely, while still having empathy and compassion for those who seek to limit the world.

10 minutes

What If…

Learn what the world’s children wanted to see in the world… and see where you can share their vision!

20 minutes

Empowering Homeless People: One stitch at a time

Detroit resident Veronika Scott grew up in a broken home… and grew determined to end the sadness of the needy and homeless. Hear about her organization, The Empowerment Plan, as well as her coat/sleeping bag invention, in today’s feature.