Image: A baby coywolf with his mum.

48 minutes

Meet the Coywolf

Can we adapt too as we push into places where wildlife should have a right of way? A new hybrid – part coyote and part wolf – may be finding a niche we might want to work with! Take a look…

Puffins on a cliff

4 minutes

Puffins: Ready for their close up!

How can a plush toy help us capture nature at its best? Here’s a whole new look at puffins (the other amazing black and white bird), and how we are filming their lives up-close!

Image: KoKo the gorilla with a kitten

56 minutes

Koko Turns 44!

Do you remember the beautiful documentary from the 1990’s about Koko the Gorilla and her kitten? Koko learned sign language and has been teaching us about the world through her eyes ever since!

130 minutes

New Light on the Dawn of Humanity

As scientists continue to uncover the origins of our humanity, this discovery in an unlikely place by an unlikely team may be the missing link to our ancient ancestors.

18 minutes

Otters: Much More than Cute!

Sea otters and thier caregivers have a lot to teach us about coping with stress, even if its just for 18 minutes while you take a look at todays video-shares.

48 minutes

The Inner Beauty of Landscape

If you are looking for something a little deeper than Facebook video clips and Twitter comments, we have a great recommendation: a weekly podcast that I rarely miss. Give this a listen!

Image: Arctic Tern in Fligh

45 minutes

The Evolution of Flight

Only 4 times in the history of animal evolution did creatures take to a completely new element. After water and land,… they took to the air! The evolution of how and why is amazing, and the photography breathtaking!

9 minutes

The Ebola Virus Explained

The media generated so much fear over the Ebola virus but that was far from the whole story. It might have been more helpful to focus on the fascinating facts.