Image: A white sparkling double armed spiral gallaxy

14 minutes

Hubble: An Actual Time-Machine

Nothing captures the human imagination quite like space, and it’s easier than ever to find a lot of space-related wonder! Take a little trip through the galactic high points with the Hubble Telescope!

Image: Man setting back time on a clock that is the moon rising

18 minutes

Never “save” a great idea for later!

A little probe that was sent hurtling through space in 1977 – one that’s still moving and beaming back info – can teach us a lot about what we should do with a great idea. This could be the best idea hatched 39 years ago!

10 minutes

Sally Ride: Pioneer, Astronaut, Icon

Sally Ride was the first American woman in space, but her path to becoming an icon for equality was riddled with moments that exemplified why diversity is so very important to progress. Here are some of those stories in her own words…

9 minutes

#EarthArt: A Hashtag, Literally, “Out of this World!”

Astronaut Scott Kelly made it back to Earth last week after a year spent in space. While orbiting the globe, he shared his unique perspective on the world below on Instagram and Twitter, and the images he sent back down to of us all are incredibly awe-inspiring.

6 minutes

An Astronaut’s Perspective on Earth

Can a view change our perspective? While many of us may never see Earth from above, hearing astronauts talk about seeing Earth from space serves as a beautiful reminder of the broader picture we are a part of!

9 minutes

What’s the Perseid Meteor Shower?

Want to spend some time in an “old school” state of wonder? Take someone you care about with you on a trip to outer space tonight or tomorrow night. You may end up with more fun than you expect!

9 minutes

Why Send a Sundial to Mars?

Bill Nye was always the fun “science guy” and as the years have gone by, he’s just gotten better: smarter and wittier. Let him explain why we need sundials on Mars.

24 minutes

Happy 25th Birthday Hubble!

Nothing inspires wonder like space! And we might not even realize that we have a 25 year old “workhorse of technology” orbiting our planet, expanding our view of ourselves.

10 minutes

Water in Space = Pure Wonder

Have you ever stopped to appreciate how strange and wonderful water can be? It’s incredible! Changing form completely depending on the temperature. But… what about water in space? Now that’s a real wonder!