8 minutes

A Closer Look at the Dinosaurs with Us Now!

Are dinosaurs still around today? You probably know that birds and dinosaurs are evolutionary cousins, but do you know how we know that? Here’s a deeper look at a piece of knowledge we might normally take for granted!

8 minutes

Meet Your Microbiome!

Did you know you are home to millions of invisible creatures? Say hello your microbiome, the ecosystem of microscopic organisms that help keep you alive!

15 minutes

Making Music with Lightning?

Meet ArcAttack, a group making music with Tesla Coils! By combining music, science, and the power of lightning they are taking cool science to the next level.

Image: We need sharks picture of a shark

15 minutes

Sharks: Do We Really Need Them?

Since 1975, when the movie “Jaws” came out, the word “shark” has been equated with fear and loathing. But is that a fair assessment… and what happens if they’re gone? Find out with today’s fascinating EWC insights. (Our research even surprised us!)

7 minutes

Snowflake Bentley & His Unique Snowflakes

Have you ever heard someone say “No two snowflakes are alike”? Today we learn the science behind this statement, and learn a little about Snowflake Bentley, the Vermont man who first made this discovery!

7 minutes

Why Do We Laugh?

Laughter has the power to bring us closer together across languages and cultures. “It’s Okay To Be Smart” helps answer the question “Why do we laugh?”

Image: Boy and his bow Dong Woo Jang

10 minutes

A Boy and His Bow

Can making a bow at the age of 15 change a life profoundly? It can! Dong Woo Jang shares his story, and his educational journey, on the TED stage!

18 minutes

Otters: Much More than Cute!

Sea otters and thier caregivers have a lot to teach us about coping with stress, even if its just for 18 minutes while you take a look at todays video-shares.

9 minutes

The Ebola Virus Explained

The media generated so much fear over the Ebola virus but that was far from the whole story. It might have been more helpful to focus on the fascinating facts.

Image: little boy with big bowl

12 minutes

How Cooking Made us Human

Why do we cook? Is it just to satisfy our senses or stave off disease? Today we find out how cooking made us into modern humans with large brains and time on our hands! Fascinating!

5 minutes

Why Are Some Sounds Scary?

Have you ever woken with a start in the night, or been filled with dread at the sound of a creaking door? What causes this? Find out in today’s feature.