17 minutes

The Key to the Search for Happiness

In our quest for happiness, could we be starting from the wrong place. Today’s EWC thought leaders takes us through a way of thinking that might be the key to happiness! See what you think!

Image: Dandelion tufts blowing in the wind

43 minutes

Being Thankful with Snap Judgment

If you are looking for some insights on gratitude and happiness, here’s a new lens from which to view possibility. There’s nothing better than true stories told by master story-tellers! See what we mean by that!

Image: A woman in a crowd that is joyous reaching up happily

9 minutes

Wonders, Just One Year Ago!

One year ago this month there was the typical negativity in the news cycle, but there was also amazing possibility and innovation being celebrated right here! Enjoy our look back to our top 8 articles from November 2015. (Oh,.. and there’s food there!)

Image: Team of football players hold boy with disability on their shoulders

5 minutes

The Most Successful Play of All Time

What if empathy and kindness would come naturally to kids, if we just stopped micro-managing their every move? Take a look at this wonderful lesson to all of us, taught by some middle-school boys.

6 minutes

Pigeons Light Up the Night Sky

What happens when the sky is filled with thousands of pigeons carrying LED lights? The artist Duke Riley is reframing these creatures in a more favorable light and along the way inspiring a little wonder in us all…

12 minutes

99 Problems and Palsy is Just One of Them

It’s easy to get bogged down by things that threaten to hold us back. But today we introduce you to a woman who’s found both humor and grit in a unique perspective on taking things as they come. Take a look!

Little Girl with Giant Piece of Chocolate Cake

55 minutes

Do you know the secret to happiness?

You might know the secret to happiness already! It turns out most of us experience it every day and just forget to stop and recognize it! Sounds confusing, but we will let some TED speakers explain…

10 minutes

Creativity: the Mother of Invention!

Dominic Wilcox is and inventor, designer, and creative genius, his work is an inspiring reminder of why creativity can be one of the most powerful forces we possess! Here is his incredible story, and some of the work he has inspired!

Image: Dr. Lynda and a group of Nepali Children

8 minutes

Dear Reader, we love you!

This Valentine’s Day, we want to thank you for being a community that believes “it’s still an amazing world!” And celebrate the how much we love the EWC community and what it says about a world filled with possibility!

How Much Do We Know About Sleep?

We all know what it looks like when we are without sleep, but why is it so important? It turns out that up until the 1950’s nobody had studied this question scientifically! Check out the story behind the science!

Image: Dr. Amen and brain scan

16 minutes

What 83,000 Brain Scans Teach Us!

What if we were able to treat anxiety, depression, or ADHD by looking inside of our brains? This form of diagnostic imaging is now a reality, and it is helping doctors treat patients more effectively than ever before.

Image: Sam Berns and his parents with Sam's Happiness Secrets

17 minutes

Sam Berns and His Happiness Secrets

Have you heard 17 year old, Sam Berns’ secrets to a happy life? I watch this TED Talk periodically as a refresher course, no matter how busy I am – and maybe because of that. See why!

Image: Many telephone poles close together, each with a man at the top working.

18 minutes

Secrets to the “Happiness Advantage” at Work

Want to be happier at work? Solid science predicts we actually control 90% of our happiness and only 10% is related to our circumstances! Today, Shawn Anchor tells us how to nurture the “happiness advantage” in our work and home. Amazing!

Image: Pickle jars for finding your priorities

8 minutes

Empty Pickle Jar Philosophy

Can one of the most important philosophies in life be contained in a pickle jar? It can, and it could change your life and the life of the people you love. Take a look!

Image: Many things to be thankful for

8 minutes

Thankful for Little Things? Share Them!

Is it possible to connect with others on a deeper level, just by sharing what we are thankful for? It is! Here’s a great way to appreciate the simple things in life with the people you spend the most time with: your co-workers!

7 minutes

Maya Angelou: Just Do Right

Have you ever felt like you could use the advice of a wise elder, or a loving grandparent? Maybe one clarifying perspective to reach for, moment to moment, might be helpful.

18 minutes

Otters: Much More than Cute!

Sea otters and thier caregivers have a lot to teach us about coping with stress, even if its just for 18 minutes while you take a look at todays video-shares.

27 minutes

What Makes Us Happy?

We can all think of a a lot of things that makes us happy, but what if we didn’t need things and circumstances to be happy? Former biochemist turned monk Matthieu Ricard give us a leap forward on that!