5 minutes

Do Ants Have Language?

What sound does an ant make? It’s probably not a question you’ve ever asked yourself. It turns out, though, the answer is actually pretty cool!

5 minutes

Powering Your World with Fish Scales?

Yes, you read that correctly, we can use fish scales to generate power! It turns out those fish you see in the market could be an alternative energy source! Here’s how this alternative energy source could be used in the future!

Image: DIY Microscope in front of a screen, with a close-up of a spider's face

7 minutes

A DIY Smartphone Microscope!

Your smartphone can be only a few steps away from a wonder you can’t imagine! It can easily be a handy microscope! With just a few simple steps, and materials, your phone can help you explore the microscopic world around you! Can you imagine how fun this might be for the kids in your life?

Gross science collage parrot fish

2 minutes

Sea, Sand, Sun, and Fish Poop

What are those sandy white beaches really made of? Anna Rothschild of Gross Science, gives us a look into the life (and intestines) of the parrot fish…