12 minutes

Who Wants Watermelon!

Need a new treat to take to this summer’s barbecue or family get-together? Here are four watermelon tricks to help you wow people this season!

Image: Darren Foreman on the TED stage

16 minutes

Human Voice Remixed for Wonder

What happens when your limitations force you to recreate reality? For the cutting-edge musician Beardyman, the desire to push the boundaries of what is possible with the human voice have opened up a new musical and creative world.

22 minutes

A Ring in the Desert

Out in the middle of the desert is a place revered by a special group of people. This place is not a religious site, a natural wonder, or the resting place of an important person. It is a phone booth. And it’s story has become a global phenomenon.

12 minutes

99 Problems and Palsy is Just One of Them

It’s easy to get bogged down by things that threaten to hold us back. But today we introduce you to a woman who’s found both humor and grit in a unique perspective on taking things as they come. Take a look!

Have A Little Faith SoulPancake

30 minutes

Have a Little Faith!

Zach Anner is a comedian with cerebral palsy who is a self-proclaimed “religious idiot.” On his quest to learn more about the religions of the world, he takes us on an incredible journey that is as hilarious as it is enlightening! Check out our new favorite YouTube series here at EWC!

Image: Backyard Brain's Neuroscience made fun

16 minutes

Neuroscience Made Fun!

Can neuroscience be inspiring and even fun? It absolutely can! This TED Talk is a jaw-dropper and will change the way you think of your own body, and what is possible!

Image: Many telephone poles close together, each with a man at the top working.

18 minutes

Secrets to the “Happiness Advantage” at Work

Want to be happier at work? Solid science predicts we actually control 90% of our happiness and only 10% is related to our circumstances! Today, Shawn Anchor tells us how to nurture the “happiness advantage” in our work and home. Amazing!

Image: Morgan Spurlock covered in advertising

22 minutes

Nothing Prepared Morgan Spurlock for Branding!

Morgan Spurlock is the kind of independent filmmaker who would eat only fast food for 30 days and make a funny and insightful movie or go to Bangkok for a Colonoscopy to investigate Medical Tourism. Take a look at his latest adventure.

11 minutes

The Backwards Brain Bicycle

What’s up with others who find it so hard to change, after we’ve given them “the facts”? A bicycle can show us an amazingly important view of leading and living!

Image: dock with evening and people

10 minutes

Long Walk Off a Short Pier

Here’s a short, humorous, true story that might remind most of us of the challenges of being an awkward teen. Very funny… and familiar!

2 minutes

IF. Live Curious

Enjoy one of the most thought provoking short calls to action I have ever seen. It’s hauntingly beautiful and inspiring!

4 minutes

Photo Booth Boosts Adoption!

We will always show you the best innovators, even if their big idea won’t save the world! It’s the creative genius we love to applaud. Take a look!