Image: Wheat products

10 minutes

What Exactly is Gluten Anyway?

If you’ve ever scratched your head about the fuss regarding gluten in our diets, here’s an entertaining way to feel like an expert, in less than 10 minutes!

Image: Waving edges of Japanese rice paddy landscape

11 minutes

Only in Japan: Rice Made Fascinating!

Have you noticed how it feels a bit empowering when you are the one who knows a little inside information about another country? Let’s start with a fundamental Japanese food and see where it takes us!

8 minutes

Introducing The Vegetable Orchestra!

Have you ever wandered through the produce section and thought to yourself “Look at all these instruments!” Meet The Vegetable Orchestra, a group of musicians who aren’t afraid to play with their food and create wonder for us all!

4 minutes

The Farm for World Class Chefs

Who grows the food for some of the world’s greatest chefs? Meet The Chef’s Garden, a marvelous story of taking a disaster and turning it into success!

28 minutes

We Are What We Eat

What does dinner look like around the globe? Matthieu Paley, a National Geographic Photographer set out to document the culture of food in places untouched by supermarkets…

12 minutes

Who Wants Watermelon!

Need a new treat to take to this summer’s barbecue or family get-together? Here are four watermelon tricks to help you wow people this season!

4 minutes

Healing the Soul…With Ice Cream?

Can ice cream help heal the soul? What about the community? Mikey Likes It is an ice cream shop giving out a little more. Here’s the incredible story of it’s founder Mikey…

4 minutes

Solutions from the Spinach King

What if we saw a need in our communities and tried to fix it? Lufefe Nomjana saw the need for sustainable food in his community and tackled the problem to become the Spinach King! Here’s his story.

3 minutes

Remarkable Paintings in Wine

After accidently slipping his paint brush into his glass of while painting one day, the artist Alfonso Aguirre discovered a way to bring the blood of the land into his artwork. Here’s the story of this remarkably happy accident…

2 minutes

Edible Six Pack Rings

One brewery in Florida is revolutionizing how we package our cans with edible six pack rings. These biodegradable and compostable rings could have a huge impact on our relationship to the environment!

15 minutes

Barbecuing with Science!

As the weather gets warmer, barbecuing might be on your mind, but before you pull out your grill, check out some more exciting techniques! The Royal Institution and Brit Lab take us on an adventure to barbecue with science…

Image: Baby's foot with expiration date on it

5 minutes

Food Waste: What’s up with Expiration Dates?

Questionable head of lettuce in your vegetable drawer? Ancient jar of mystery goo in your fridge? What about that bread, can you just cut off that bit of mold? Today we answer some big questions about those sell by, use by, and best by dates!

Baking Holiday Cookies on a Platter

5 minutes

Baking Cookies is Chemistry?

Ever thought of yourself as a chemist? Well, if you have ever baked, or critiqued the results of a baker, you might just be the best chemist in your house! There’s fascinatingly fun science in those holiday cookies!

Image: Cartoon Bacteria Communicating

21 minutes

Can Bacteria Talk to Each Other?

Can single-celled organisms like bacteria communicate, or are they blindly moving through their lifespan, like tiny organic machines? Princeton University’s Bonnie Bassler has a fascinating answer.

16 minutes

Dr. Lynda’s 6 Classic Holiday Recipes

Here at the beginning of a holiday stretch to the year end, food becomes a centerpiece of togetherness and celebrations. Please enjoy our 6 family, holiday recipes from grandmothers, the best Kentucky cooks and well-known master chefs. Yum!