26 minutes

Meet our New Neighbors!

The TRAPPIST-1 discovery of seven earthlike planets has shaken the world, but what does this discovery mean for you and me? Here’s a little perspective on it all!

11 minutes

What will we know in 100 years?

Explore some of the discoveries of the past century! From penicillin, to our origins, to general relativity, we have learned a lot over the past 100 years! What will we learn in the next?

25 minutes

Our Journey to the Ocean’s Depths

For millennia, we have sought to explore the ocean’s depths. This journey is as harrowing as it is beautiful. Join us as we explore this history and the first remarkable craft that took us to unexplored worlds on our own planet…

18 minutes

An Old Legend Leads to Remarkable Discovery

Andrés Ruzo grew up hearing legends of a boiling river in the Amazon. Years later, he went on a search for the source of the legend and uncovered a remarkable natural wonder. Here is his remarkable story from the TED stage!