8 minutes

A Closer Look at the Dinosaurs with Us Now!

Are dinosaurs still around today? You probably know that birds and dinosaurs are evolutionary cousins, but do you know how we know that? Here’s a deeper look at a piece of knowledge we might normally take for granted!

6 minutes

So, you found a new dinosaur?

Let’s say you have discovered the skeleton of a dinosaur, how do know if your discovery is a new species? When Elmer Riggs discovered the first brachiosaurs in 1900 this was the question he had to answer. So, how did he do it?

8 minutes

Do You Dance Like A Dinosaur?

While you may have your own unique moves on the dance floor, it turns out dinosaurs may have also used dance to woo their mates! Here are how the incredible mating displays of birds are helping us to unlock secrets of dinosaur behavior!

6 minutes

Decoding Dino Feathers

Can we ever really know what dinosaurs looked like? Well-preserved fossils of feathered dinosaurs are allowing us to reveal what colors dinosaurs really were! The science behind it might not be as complicated as you think!

12 minutes

Turning Birds Into Dinosaurs

Is turning birds into dinosaurs possible? Creating the dino-chicken isn’t just a scientific dream. The science behind the project is already a reality!