12 minutes

Dance that Defies Gravity!

What happens you take dance, flip it sideways, and defy gravity on the side of a building? Check out BANDALOOP a dance troupe that is spreading awe and wonder with a new kind of dance!

Image: Ballerina Misty Copeland in a beautiful leap in front of a warehouse window

9 minutes

When No Is Not an Answer

What if you know your calling, and in the face of overwhelming rejection, you decide that failure is not an option. Here’s what can happen…

6 minutes

Perfecting the Hardest Move in Ballet

Not a “dance” person? How about learning to appreciate the beauty of ballet through physics, athleticism and artistry? Let’s tackle the hardest move in ballet from a new angle!

8 minutes

Do You Dance Like A Dinosaur?

While you may have your own unique moves on the dance floor, it turns out dinosaurs may have also used dance to woo their mates! Here are how the incredible mating displays of birds are helping us to unlock secrets of dinosaur behavior!

Dancin Power kids

5 minutes

Dancin Power

Can dance change lives? The organization Dancin Power proves that it can, and is helping to transform the lives of chronically ill children. Here are some of their incredible and uplifting stories!