Image: Young skateboarding girl jumping in front of an ancient monument

27 minutes

Skateboarding for Peace in Afghanistan

The most remarkable innovations often happen with sweeping speed, when someone puts things together in a novel way. See how amazing hope and education have lurched forward through skateboarding in Afghanistan!

Image: Team of football players hold boy with disability on their shoulders

5 minutes

The Most Successful Play of All Time

What if empathy and kindness would come naturally to kids, if we just stopped micro-managing their every move? Take a look at this wonderful lesson to all of us, taught by some middle-school boys.

7 minutes

Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

How are you doing when it comes to loving your body: every bulge, wrinkle, stretchmark and misbehaving shaft of hair? We may be able to move that in a positive, fun direction today. Take a look!

Image: Little girl making muscles on a beach

9 minutes


Did you hear about this movement called #LikeAGirl? I suspect the Millenial generation and younger are actually making some progress on this front! But how’s it doing in the real world?

Image: Sam Berns and his parents with Sam's Happiness Secrets

17 minutes

Sam Berns and His Happiness Secrets

Have you heard 17 year old, Sam Berns’ secrets to a happy life? I watch this TED Talk periodically as a refresher course, no matter how busy I am – and maybe because of that. See why!

Dancin Power kids

5 minutes

Dancin Power

Can dance change lives? The organization Dancin Power proves that it can, and is helping to transform the lives of chronically ill children. Here are some of their incredible and uplifting stories!

Image: Pickle jars for finding your priorities

8 minutes

Empty Pickle Jar Philosophy

Can one of the most important philosophies in life be contained in a pickle jar? It can, and it could change your life and the life of the people you love. Take a look!

Image: Artist Louisa Ulrich-Verderber paints her math teachers' bathroom

16 minutes

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Have you ever watched the TED Talk with the most views in history: 33 million? There’s a reason this one is on top. Great fun and a subject that can expand every single one of us, no matter our age.

Image: Sun Through Flowers

12 minutes

Gratitude and Wonder with Louie Schwartzberg

Photographer Louie Schwartzberg brings us all to a place of breath-taking beauty, wonder and hope with his TED Talk, remarkable images and the words of wise ones, young and old. This TED Talk leaves us with a sigh and a smile every time we revisit it.

7 minutes

The Brown Girl Surf Organization

When I think of the “surfing community”, the story of Southeast Asia’s first surfer girls does not jump to mind! This is great fun, real progress and insight!

10 minutes

Brilliant: Plastic Bottle Schools!

Innovation at its best may be when someone takes something we have a lot of and transforms it sustainably into something we need that is scarce. Take a look at this wonder!

5 minutes

The Boy Who Lifted 33,000 Spirits

Sometimes we meet a child who radiates such otherworldly wisdom and compassion that we have to ask the question, “Where does this energy come from?” Meet a profoundly wonderful little being. (5m)

Image: dock with evening and people

10 minutes

Long Walk Off a Short Pier

Here’s a short, humorous, true story that might remind most of us of the challenges of being an awkward teen. Very funny… and familiar!