8 minutes

Meet Your Microbiome!

Did you know you are home to millions of invisible creatures? Say hello your microbiome, the ecosystem of microscopic organisms that help keep you alive!

9 minutes

The Search for Life Inside Volcanoes

The study of life in the planet’s most extreme environments is pushing back the frontiers of knowledge on earth and beyond. Here’s a marvelous perspective from a scientist at the cutting edge of this research!

8 minutes

Pygmy Seahorses: Small Wonders of the Sea

We don’t have to write about the world’s largest natural wonders to celebrate Nature’s most spectacular creations. Let us introduce you to the pygmy seahorse, one of the planet’s smallest marvels.

5 minutes

How Old are You really?

How old are you? Are you sure? Biology is showing us that our real age isn’t as old as we think, and this is leading us to ask some big questions!

30 minutes

Wytham Woods, a Laboratory with Leaves

Oxford University’s Wytham Woods is a place of science, art, and conservation. This incredible Laboratory with Leaves is a wonderful reminder that the beauty of nature is waiting for us in our own backyard!

6 minutes

So, you found a new dinosaur?

Let’s say you have discovered the skeleton of a dinosaur, how do know if your discovery is a new species? When Elmer Riggs discovered the first brachiosaurs in 1900 this was the question he had to answer. So, how did he do it?

27 minutes

What Makes Us Happy?

We can all think of a a lot of things that makes us happy, but what if we didn’t need things and circumstances to be happy? Former biochemist turned monk Matthieu Ricard give us a leap forward on that!