Image: Wounda the Chimpanzee hugging Jane Goodall

6 minutes

A Thank You From Wounda

We’ve all heard a little about the “intelligence” of animals, but what about “emotional intelligence”? Wounda, a once near-death chimpanzee of Dr. Goodall fame, shows us there’s more going on here than we ever dreamed.

10 minutes

Can We Get Comfortable with Mystery?

When Alaska State Trooper Shanigan was lost with a frozen GPS and searching for a house fire, he found a guide in a surprising source. Today we get comfortable with some of life’s mysteries.

Image: KoKo the gorilla with a kitten

56 minutes

Koko Turns 44!

Do you remember the beautiful documentary from the 1990’s about Koko the Gorilla and her kitten? Koko learned sign language and has been teaching us about the world through her eyes ever since!