30 minutes

#TryPod Let Us Introduce You!

#Trypod has us excited about some of our favorite Podcasts! Learn a few thing about Podcasts and let us recommend a few of our favorites along the way!

32 minutes

Space: the Future, the Frontier

Explore the story of a remarkable movement to colonize space spurred on by a spirit of possibility and innovation! Here’s a piece of fascinating history that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Image: Ghost Army Tank

91 minutes

The Ghost Army of World War II

Have you ever heard of the Ghost Army? This small team of artists, designers, and sound engineers brought to life an invisible army of 60,000 and helped change the course of history!

19 minutes

Understand the Design of Anything

What if I told you that flags could help you see the world differently? Knowing the principles that go into good flag design can give you some insight into the beauty of the designed world around you!

25 minutes

Our Journey to the Ocean’s Depths

For millennia, we have sought to explore the ocean’s depths. This journey is as harrowing as it is beautiful. Join us as we explore this history and the first remarkable craft that took us to unexplored worlds on our own planet…

22 minutes

Basketball: The Beauty and Balance of the Game

As we watch people who are incredibly talented in their field whether in sport, art, or everyday work, we watch the evolution of their craft. This is the story of how basketball became the game of beauty and balance we know today!

22 minutes

A Ring in the Desert

Out in the middle of the desert is a place revered by a special group of people. This place is not a religious site, a natural wonder, or the resting place of an important person. It is a phone booth. And it’s story has become a global phenomenon.

20 minutes

99% Invisible

A podcast can soak into the fiber of our being so quietly and comfortably. Without images to dominate the pace and color the meaning of information, we are free to use our own imaginations and experiences to shape what we retain.