DSC_0723.jpgWant to know what constitutes a good EWC submission or user-generated content?

Whether you are just sending us a link, or dabbling in a little writing to send to us… We will keep it simple:

1. Be nice

• If you have an opinion to share: Play fair. “Do unto others.”
• Make your point in a way that makes it easy for us to all truly listen. (no ranting and raving, no fear mongering)

2. Be Trustworthy

• Verify all your facts and always give us a list of your sources (we will never print anything that has not been fact-checked!)

3. Share everything

• Be honest! If you want to tell us about something you are absolutely certain about, then be sure to add the deep questions you are still left with.

4. Be wonderful

• Admit and embrace the Awe-Inspiring things you come across. It’s ok to be “real” here. We are all children at heart… fragile, joyful, curious!