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Are you looking to share a story but you just don’t have the confidence in your own writing ability to get your thoughts from brain to pen or keyboard? Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy.

You can just send us a simple link and we will credit you if you like.

Or you can jot down some thoughts about the link you are sharing, and we will work those into a nice piece of writing we can put your name on. Don’t be timid! Everyone’s perspective is welcome.

If you have a story we need to hear, we urge you contact us. We have confidence in everyone! Maybe you think you have a compelling story to tell or you know someone who does? You can record your voice instead of writing.

You can also self-submit!

Both of these options are 100 percent free for anyone. We will allow you retain intellectual property rights and/or copyrights, and there are several means by which you can submit your thoughts. You can send us anything from a photo of a chicken-scratched notepad to a grammatically imperfect Word document, to an emailed audio clip.

Interested? Fill out our submit an article form and we can get started!

More about submitting a story to EWC Using the EWC Ghostwriter Team…

If you’ve made it this far on our website, chances are you’re aware that our staff writers, editors, curators, and owners are dedicated to sharing incredible stories of all kinds… but what you might not know is that inside of you, right now and whether you’re even aware, is the next perfect story for Ever Widening Circles! Regardless of whether you can actually write, take photography, or make videos EWC was designed for you – meaning all of you – and we want to hear about those universal chords that strike us all in the core.

Do you know of an excellent presentation at TED (a.k.a. a TED Talk) that we haven’t shared? Do you know of a great website that needs to be shared? Or are you, like me (Christopher), a recovering addict, adult child of an alcoholic, a survivor of a lifetime of domestic abuse, or something totally different in specifics but holding a central lesson about blossoming from your doomed genetics into something more?

EWC’s operators and community want to know about it all.

And while those examples are all from my life, one other issue pertains to me more so than the average Joe: I went to college at UVM for sociology and English, meaning when I wasn’t writing and reading socio-related reports and studies I was reading and writing papers and great works of art in the form of novels, short stories, plays, etc. My point here is that I can write and don’t have much problem going on to great lengths (as you’ve come to know, obviously – “windbag” might be fitting for me at times!), what about Mr. Average Joe from above? Does he not have a great story – at least one? We all do! – just begging to be told? How about the Somalian youngster who has known nothing but the utmost poverty her entire life? Heck, even the CEO of Google, Sergei Brin, has a personal triumph that allowed him to obsess over information aggregation, pull the Web together into what it is today, and become one of the richest fellows of the modern world.

In short, everyone along the socioeconomic spectrum has a story to tell, and we want to hear it.

“But what about that Somalian girl, Christopher,” you shout at your computer screen (trust me, you shouldn’t do that; it makes you look crazy and gets you nowhere!), “how is she supposed to share her ideas without your fancy first-world-computers, eh?” To that, I say this:  we are not counting anyone out, folks, so whether you want a little free publicity, you want to get your world-changing thesis to the masses, or just want to see if your story touches the cord you know it can, we can write for you. Be it a piece of tattered paper, a phone call, or an audio clip, our Ghostwriter team will help you get your ideas to the masses.

So now we get to the meat of this issue. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Write or record something or contact us

  • This should be obvious of course… basically, we need to know what you want us to say on your behalf! What mightn’t be obvious is the method by which we will accept a proposed Ghostwritten article, and before I launch into that let me just say it very plainly one more time: ANYTHING. A coffee shop napkin with scribbled Sharpie notes; an iPhone audio recording; or even a general idea is enough to get us going. So if that’s all you needed to hear, jump over to our “Share Something” page and submit whatever you have ready now!

2. Fleshing out your idea

  • The one warning we’ll give about the napkin example is that we will have to contact you, either by phone, email, text, Skype, or whatever means you have available to you if for no other reason than to get your idea written in your words. We don’t want to hijack anyone’s greatness!  That said, the more information you can give us up front the better an idea we can make initially with regards to the article’s placement.
  • Don’t let this scare you away though, gang! We promise that every single article we receive will get our content specialist, writing, and editing, and curation teams’ complete attention and we’ll genuinely help you get your message out there. That is, after all, what we at EWC are here for!

3. Finished article ownership

  • Here’s where things are going to get a little legalese-sounding, but don’t get scared: though Doctors Chuck and Lynda are, obviously, doctors, and I’m a lowly college grad specializing in English that doesn’t mean we’re so highfalutin that we think ourselves better than you – on the contrary, you have more to offer us collectively as a global community than we do you! – and we are no lawyers. That said, the following info is simply for clarity.
  • Submitted articles will always be used at EWC’s discretion once submitted.
  • Any submitted content will be owned, implicitly, by the original creator. That means an original article is yours and yours alone (albeit, as above, available to EWC-use forever). We will always give the content creator credit and never claim an idea as our own. If you think we’ve breached this promise, please feel free to contact us.
  • Once an article goes live, you are welcome to utilize it to your heart’s content without exception. If you link to the article on EWC, we request you use EWC as a publisher source, however, and should you decide later you do not like the submission in question it is at EWC’s discretion to continue using the content as-is.

And that’s it, gang! Three simple rules for using the EWC Ghostwriter team to your heart’s content!