Seven Days

August 7, 2019– Ever Widening Circles was featured in The Media Issue of Seven Days. 

Issue of

  • Aug 7-13, 2019
  • Vol. 24, No. 46
  • The Media Issue

The Media Issue: Vermont Media Outlets Are Changing Hands — What Does That Mean for Local Journalism?; Nonprofit the Fuller Project Reports on Women’s Issues Around the World; A Quiz to Test Your News Literacy; On Ever Widening Circles, a St. Albans Family Publishes Only Inspiring News; Vermont Companies Partner With Social Media Influencers for Publicity

The Mindful Magazine

Dec 16, 2018–Dr. Lynda sat down with The Mindful Magazine founder Michelle to share some powerful tips on finding a positive attitude in our times and discovering your strengths!

SPED Homeschool

Nov 27, 2018–Ever Widening Circles COO and EWCed founder, Liesl spoke with Peggy Polyhar from SPED Homeschool, during their Giving Tuesday  SPED Strong Tribes Fundraiser. They discussed EWCed, student global citizenship, and the importance of raising a generation of student who know how to ask better questions.