Since 2014, we have been hard at work creating a positive media company aimed at changing the negative dialogue about our times. Here are some of the many ways you can connect with the Ever Widening Circles universe of positive, meaningful, curiosity driven content.

Ever Widening Circles

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Since 2014, we have been publishing articles full of the insights and innovations that prove it’s still an amazing world.
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Download the app and use daily to go from overwhelm to confidence in the future. At less than a dollar a month, the app will transform the way you see the world around you.

Conspiracy of Goodness™

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In 2019, we launched the #ConspiracyofGoodness movement to highlight the ways, big and small, people are doing good in the world.
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The Conspiracy of Goodness Network where the doers, helpers, and learners in a wave of goodness and progress happening around the globe are coming together to support and grow their impact.
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Listen in on Dr. Lynda’s conversations with some of the world’s most incredible innovators and thought leaders. New episodes every Thursday!

Thought Leadership

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Dr. Lynda has been curating positive media for over a decade. She is an author and public speaker, sharing the insights she’s learned from her work.

TEDx Talks

There have been silent movements of goodness throughout history that have made significant impact on humanity. Could we be on the verge of exposing the greatest one yet, and the only thing stopping it is what’s under your fingers?

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Our founder, Dr. Lynda’s bestselling book Happiness is an Option. Learn why now is the time to usher in a new era.

Can adopting one simple habit change our brains, help live happier lives, and put an end to the acrimony of the internet? There is enormous power in the pause. Are you ready to start using it?

Education & Healthcare

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Launched in 2018,  EWCed curates inspiring educational videos, pairing them with lesson starters for inquiry and creativity.
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Working with some of the world’s most incredible filmmakers, we are working to get uplifting media in healthcare spaces and businesses.