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After publishing more than 600 positive articles, on everything under the sun (and with more than 300 in our bullpen), we now know for certain that the negative 24-hour news cycle is not giving us the whole story on the scope of wonder and possibility that exists in the world.

Since November of 2014, we have been sharing one story each day that proves the world is still an amazing place and the stories just keep coming!

We rigorously fact check every article and only share meaningful insights that would touch a chord in almost everyone. We have been earning as many as 500 new Facebook fans per day and our global community of visitors has expanded to include 50,000 views per month. All this with only a minuscule budget for promotion.


That said, if you can help spread the word about this website, you can be a part of changing the world too! Our only agenda is to expand as a Image: butterfly sipping sweetnessglobal community of smart, open and still hopeful people.

We are also beginning the search for good-will sponsorship from individuals,  businesses or foundations. 

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The first task at hand is to get the word out that we exist.  As we grow into a widely known, smart, positive option, we hope to inspire innovation, kindnesses, and collaboration that might never have existed before. Good things will spin out in ever widening circles.

They already are. Every day we communicate with “thought leaders” from around the world who are sending us stories to look into, or telling us their own story.


Join us when you can. Share the stories that inspire you. Stay curious, open and hopeful!