Do you share the same general good intentions and positive philosophies as the Ever Widening Circles? DSCN7034.jpgIf so, our audience might be just the perfect demographic for your foundation, corporate or personal goodwill!

We are looking for a partner to fund our project in exchange for being the sole, tastefully-featured advertising on this website.

With the global audience we already have (after only 6 months: 100,000 facebook fans!) we think the right partner can help us make Ever Widening Circles a global brand. In less than six months, with a tiny marketing budget, we have a regular following from 190+ countries and over 45,000 views a month.

We have reserved almost the entire right side column for the kind of sponsorship we will be proud to feature. Your brand would be seen in a terrifically positive light when associated with Ever Widening Circles (to see more about our long-range plans for expansion, check out our Support Us page).

If you’d like to inquire about being an early friend to the EWC vision, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us by contacting our founder personally at [email protected]

Our earliest friends will enjoy special attention over time as they will be considered our visionary partners for change. As you can see, we will always keep our advertising uncluttered and unconventionally minimal, so your reach will stand out in good taste and prominence.

Thanks for considering a partnership with us!