Are you looking to do some good in the world?

…Perhaps something with global connections?

Whether you’re looking for an internship, a resume or portfolio builder, or something meaningful to do with your spare time and talents, we would love to hear from you!

Joining our team is a way to personally throw your energy behind changing the negative dialogue about our world. It’s a very real and compelling possibility here, and it should be an exciting ride!

After you read about our positions, send us an email to tell us your story and about your passions! 

These positions would start as unpaid, volunteer positions, but have no fear! We may soon begin the search for funding sources. 

*You can help us from anywhere in the world! We already have a few volunteers from around the globe, even though the Ever Widening Circles home-base is in Vermont, in the U.S.

Here’s where we could use your help…

Staff Writers and Guest Writers:

We’re welcoming help producing our well-researched and fascinating articles. If you can write and are curious, hopeful, and have a passion for the wider world, this may be an amazing opportunity for you! Your work would be right there on the internet for all future employers to see, and when EWC becomes a huge success, you can say you were part of that! You can write about one thing that inspires you, or become a regular contributor and get “team” status.

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Social Media Specialist:

We really need help in this area.

Think of it this way, you could change the world a little bit with your knack for social media when you get the word out about EWC!

help Us!


We’re looking for someone who can point us to the best that is happening in our world. Perhaps you have a knack for finding inspiring web-content, or you are engaged in so many orbits that you know about exciting developments in a few fields? You don’t actually have to write about these things yourself, well, you can, but we’re just happy if you bring that inspiring content to our attention.

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Are you great at polishing up other people’s writing? We need fresh eyes to simply look over our content every day and make sure it is clean and professional, warm, understandable and thought provoking. This could be becoming a regular part of our team as an editor-at-large, or something as simple as sending us a quick email if you find a typo in our articles while you’re browsing.

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We very carefully source all our photos. If you have an eye for photography, this would be a great, permanent place to showcase your work and where the fruits of your unique creative impulses can have an impact on the world!

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We are just beginning to dabble in creating our own videos, and we will soon be starting our YouTube channel. If you have a creative mind and a passion for videography, you can help us produce our own video content and/or manage the channel.

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Marketing Specialist:

We need someone with a passion for fundraising and generating sponsorship. As you can see from a glance at our site, we are a rare, ad-free place on the web and we would like to stay as close to that commitment as possible.

That said, we need a creative solution to get this project funded. Currently, we are limited in our growth by our founder’s ability to support EWC privately, and to do more, we will need a good-will sponsorship from like-minded corporations and foundations.

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Grant Writing:

EWC is currently staffed by people volunteering their time and talent, but the organization is already growing so rapidly that we will soon need to look for funding mechanisms to keep up. If you have grant-writing skills, you may be able to fund your own paid position! (And there is so much more you could do!)

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As of now, all of these positions will be unpaid (though we do hire from within), but in the meantime volunteering on a project like this might be the best, most rewarding experience you could have while haing some published work visible on the web!


If all of this sounds interesting, tell us more about yourself!

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