There is an enormous wave of goodness and progress well underway in the world going completely uncelebrated.

The Conspiracy of Goodness™ is a movement to shine a light on the remarkable people and organizations who are hard at work making the future a brighter place for us all!

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Watch Dr. Lynda's TEDx Talk and explore all of the wonder-full stories she points to in this article playlist!

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Conspiracy of Goodness: A Movement That’s Changing our Future

Why don't we know about the awe-inspiring people who are making the world a better place? There is already a movement underway of people working towards a better collective future and you're already a part of it. This is the Conspiracy of Goodness, the movement all around us just waiting to be celebrated!

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The Story Behind the Conspiracy of Goodness

There is a conspiracy of goodness underway in this world. We can all be a part of celebrating and supporting the people rescuing our shared future.

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Celebrate the thought leaders tackling the planet’s biggest issues and learn how you can help, too!

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