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There is a powerful Conspiracy of GoodnessTM well underway.

Every click you make online is a vote for the future you want. There are millions of people working towards a better world for everyone, and it’s time they made it to the top of the headlines. 

#ConspiracyofGoodness is a movement to highlight the ways, big and small, people are doing good in the world.

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When you are excited about the good happening in the world, share it! 
When you’re proud of the people in your life making difference, spread the word. 
When you are moved by an act of kindness, share the story.

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#ConspiracyofGoodness: A Movement That’s Changing our Future

Why don't we know about the awe-inspiring people who are making the world a better place? There is already a movement underway of people working towards a better collective future and you're already a part of it. This is the Conspiracy of Goodness, the movement all around us just waiting to be celebrated!

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What We’ve Learned from 5 Years of Curating the Web

Want an antidote for the daily news, without completely abandoning ship? We're celebrating 5 years of publishing "the rest of the story" here at Ever Widening Circles! So join us as we point you to some of the amazing topics we've discovered while curating the web for the insights and innovations being missed by most.

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Explore a playlist of some of our faorite conspiracy of goodness thought leaders!

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