Image: A silhouette of a family against the sunset

18 minutes

What is “Family?”

Sometimes the heart is a far better judge than the head. Here’s a beautiful answer to the question “What is Family?”

Image: Skyscrapers above the clouds in Dubai

9 minutes

Unlikely Heroes: the Hidden Gems of 2016 on EWC!

Once in a while it’s good to travel with a guide who really knows the hidden gems in any landscape, the extraordinary things that shouldn’t be missed. Today, let us be your guide to some remarkable hidden gems of possibility!

11 minutes

Hexaflexagon Wonder to Flex Mex Recipe

Do you remember the wonder of a particular paper folding trick where it seemed a new color surfaced with every refold, even though the hexagon was only 2-sided? Here’s a whole new take on that!

Image: A white sparkling double armed spiral gallaxy

14 minutes

Hubble: An Actual Time-Machine

Nothing captures the human imagination quite like space, and it’s easier than ever to find a lot of space-related wonder! Take a little trip through the galactic high points with the Hubble Telescope!

Image: Wounda the Chimpanzee hugging Jane Goodall

6 minutes

A Thank You From Wounda

We’ve all heard a little about the “intelligence” of animals, but what about “emotional intelligence”? Wounda, a once near-death chimpanzee of Dr. Goodall fame, shows us there’s more going on here than we ever dreamed.

Image: Boabab Trees flank a road where women walk with children and chickens

7 minutes

Mystical Trees from Around the World

What’s more beautiful than a tree with its sprawling limbs pressed against a blue sky, or a tangle of leafy branches creating a cooling shade, sparkling with late afternoon light? Let’s have a quiet look at the wonder of trees…

Image: A baby coywolf with his mum.

48 minutes

Meet the Coywolf

Can we adapt too as we push into places where wildlife should have a right of way? A new hybrid – part coyote and part wolf – may be finding a niche we might want to work with! Take a look…

Image: Modern sculptural cello

7 minutes

“The Cello Song” by The Piano Guys

Never liked classical music? Or you love it and appreciate it at it’s finest? Either way, The innovators we introduce you to today are taking Bach someplace he could not have gone without them! Take a look…

Image: A child pulls back the water on a beach revealing all the plastic garbage

23 minutes

The Ocean Cleanup Project

At only 19 years old, Boyan Slat of the Netherlands developed an ocean cleanup array which has removed over 7 million tons of plastic from the ocean. Learn more about The Ocean Cleanup Project and how you can help in today’s important feature.

Image: Oh, The Places You'll Go burning man sculpture looking like a 3D honey comb, with many people climbing through it.

12 minutes

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Know anyone graduating or beginning a new chapter of life? Here’s a gift to both of you! Enjoy an old childhood favorite by Dr. Seuss as read by a very unlikely source!

Image: Little girl making muscles on a beach

9 minutes


Did you hear about this movement called #LikeAGirl? I suspect the Millenial generation and younger are actually making some progress on this front! But how’s it doing in the real world?

Image: Woman in a chair with sweeter over her entire body and head

17 minutes

Introverts and The Power of Quiet

Can Introverts and Extroverts find some common ground of understanding, where both find the best in each other? They can! And it’s a fascinating, even fun, journey!

Image: Politician and Beonce in power pose

23 minutes

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Could you be limiting your own potential with something as subtle as body language? Turns out that your body language tells others who you are, and that could be a lot different than who you want to be!

Image: Man setting back time on a clock that is the moon rising

18 minutes

Never “save” a great idea for later!

A little probe that was sent hurtling through space in 1977 – one that’s still moving and beaming back info – can teach us a lot about what we should do with a great idea. This could be the best idea hatched 39 years ago!

Image: Darren Foreman on the TED stage

16 minutes

Human Voice Remixed for Wonder

What happens when your limitations force you to recreate reality? For the cutting-edge musician Beardyman, the desire to push the boundaries of what is possible with the human voice have opened up a new musical and creative world.