30 minutes

#TryPod Let Us Introduce You!

#Trypod has us excited about some of our favorite Podcasts! Learn a few thing about Podcasts and let us recommend a few of our favorites along the way!

26 minutes

Meet our New Neighbors!

The TRAPPIST-1 discovery of seven earthlike planets has shaken the world, but what does this discovery mean for you and me? Here’s a little perspective on it all!

13 minutes

Beware! Crab Crossing Ahead!

Once a year on Christmas Island, the ground becomes a sea of crustaceans as the islands red crabs make one of the most amazing migrations in the world!

Image: Skyscrapers above the clouds in Dubai

9 minutes

Unlikely Heroes: the Hidden Gems of 2016 on EWC!

Once in a while it’s good to travel with a guide who really knows the hidden gems in any landscape, the extraordinary things that shouldn’t be missed. Today, let us be your guide to some remarkable hidden gems of possibility!

5 minutes

Human Connection: Disconnected

Have you ever been curious about how “reading lips” works? Take a look at a fascinating National Geographic short film about lip reading and see how learning a new languages helps build our sense of connection and break down barriers!

8 minutes

Inspiring Words from Gene Wilder

Why do you do what you do? Here are some inspiring words from the late Gene Wilder that remind us to reflect on where we came from, in order to fully appreciate where we are…

7 minutes

History and Science of Fireworks

Ever wondered where fireworks come from? What is the science behind this explosive entertainment? In celebration of the 4th of July, we give you a little background to be armed with this holiday!

12 minutes

Who Wants Watermelon!

Need a new treat to take to this summer’s barbecue or family get-together? Here are four watermelon tricks to help you wow people this season!

12 minutes

To Chase a Cheese

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival might be one of the strangest annual events in the world. This is what happens when thousands of people cram onto a hillside to watch brave souls chase a wheel of cheese down an almost vertical incline…

22 minutes

Basketball: The Beauty and Balance of the Game

As we watch people who are incredibly talented in their field whether in sport, art, or everyday work, we watch the evolution of their craft. This is the story of how basketball became the game of beauty and balance we know today!

4 minutes

What the Heck is a Leap Year?

Ever wondered what a Leap Year is really all about? It turns out, Leap Years are a little more complicated than we usually think! Don’t worry, Niel Degrasse Tyson is here to explain!

Image: Dr. Lynda and a group of Nepali Children

8 minutes

Dear Reader, we love you!

This Valentine’s Day, we want to thank you for being a community that believes “it’s still an amazing world!” And celebrate the how much we love the EWC community and what it says about a world filled with possibility!

5 minutes

Time for A Holiday Fun Fact!

Looking for a way to impress family and friends this year during the holidays? This year we get a little smarter for the holiday season with a case of mistaken identity!

Baking Holiday Cookies on a Platter

5 minutes

Baking Cookies is Chemistry?

Ever thought of yourself as a chemist? Well, if you have ever baked, or critiqued the results of a baker, you might just be the best chemist in your house! There’s fascinatingly fun science in those holiday cookies!

16 minutes

Dr. Lynda’s 6 Classic Holiday Recipes

Here at the beginning of a holiday stretch to the year end, food becomes a centerpiece of togetherness and celebrations. Please enjoy our 6 family, holiday recipes from grandmothers, the best Kentucky cooks and well-known master chefs. Yum!