I grew up in snowy Vermont surrounded by various forms of wildlife (earthworms, garter snakes, a tame robin, and my two older brothers). As I grew up, I discovered a great affinity for other human beings and a fascination with their stories. My interests in food and music spring from my love of connection and community.

I moved back north after I spent four happy and salty years at school in Rhode Island, and now am truly enjoying spending time with my hip parents in between time spent singing and taking in the beauty of the mountains.

I’m on Instagram at @thomasbegley29 (don’t expect much).

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What Are Conductors Even Doing?


Most of us have pretended to be an orchestra conductor at some point in our lives. The interesting thing is, we actually understand, on some level, what we’re doing, even if we know nothing about music! This is a fascinating and fun window into a world we never knew we shared.

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