Hi! I’m Sam.

Over the course of my three years working with EWC, I’ve written 250+ articles on a wide range of topics, from adorable stinging slugs to the power of ballet in favelas, not to mention the countless stories celebrating the work people are doing in science and technology that can enhance all of our lives. (You can browse my articles if you scroll down!)

My time here at EWC began in 2016 during a bi-annual hygiene cleaning (as most good stories do) at Lynda and Chuck’s dental practice. I was your typical wandering senior in undergrad with no clue what they wanted to do next, so when they offered me the opportunity to write a few articles a month for “the website Lynda just started” while I finished my degree, I jumped on it. Now, 3 years later, I’m the Chief Curator and Editor, and with different possibilities coming at me daily, showing me the world that exists entirely outside of my bubble, my views of what can be have shifted entirely.

Image: Sam by her booth at the craft fair!

By my booth at my first craft fair!

But even with all of this writing, it’s still hard for me to write about myself. So, here’s what my boss has to say about me:

“Sam has brought a mastery of connection to EWC that is celebrated in every article she touches, and in every aspect of our visitor experiences. She is exceptionally gifted at wearing many hats, fluidly moving through every day from writing, research and business decision making, to diving deep into conversations with the thought leaders in our orbit. Most importantly Sam is an expert in going from “mind & heart”—on any topic—to the printed word that makes us all soar!

Sam is also a superlative “shape-shifter”, so open to everything that she seems always in the process of becoming something radiant and new. The sparkle she brings to every new person she meets is a gift we are inspired by every day and we are proud to see all the ways it has infused EWC with that same light for 3 years. She had been instrumental in our quest to find the common threads that connect us all.”

While I’m not in the office, you can find me hunched over a table working on a new carving, printing and covered in ink, walking in the woods, at a show, dancing, building a meditation practice, eating bagels, or getting lost on a long drive.

If you see me at a party, ask me about:

  • The two times I’ve fallen through a floor
  • My grandmother and the raccoons
  • The book I’m reading

Contact me if you…

  • Have a great short film you’d like to pitch for us to feature on the site (and maybe you’d like to write the article around it!)
  • Think your film would be a great fit for Amazing World Media
  • Find a typo! Anywhere!
  • Came across a really cool fact or took a sweet bug photo and you just gotta share

Check out my artwork and connect with me on Instagram @awhsam

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