I am a native Vermonter that was introduced to the Southwestern part of the country at age twelve when my family moved to Arizona in search of new opportunities. Living out West, I discovered newfound diversities in culture, big city curiosities, the wonders of the desert, and exciting new (and spicy!) cuisines. It was also there, that I thrust myself into the arts in every possible way that I could.

I’ve always had a strong artistic background and a desire to create! I am a shower-singer, a Friday-night-painter, home chef, thrift-shopping extraordinaire, and feline-enthusiast. After obtaining my degree in apparel design from FIDM in Los Angeles, I went on to pursue a career that utilizes my talents in merchandising, creative writing, photography, and customer service, with a focus on reducing waste within the fashion industry.
 I followed my heart in love, which brought me back to my hometown in northern Vermont, where my husband and I bought our first fixer-upper, and live happily with our spunky kitty. I own and operate an online Vintage store (www.spotlight-vintage.com), through which I am able to combine my love for travel, costuming, and curating vintage fashion. (You can follow my adventures on Instagram via @SpotlightVintageGal)
I joined the EWC team in 2019 where I am honored to offer up my creative skills to help these intelligent and inspiring folks prove that it truly is still an amazing world out there!

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Did you know there is a fascinating reason why some special effects leave people cold (even queazy) and others transform our reality? This is the result of an effect called “the uncanny valley”. Here is the fun and wonder in all that!

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