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EWC’s Must-See TED Talks

TED.com is one of the most inspiring places on the web (along with our website here at Ever Widening Circles)!

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Image: Sun Through Flowers


Gratitude and Wonder with Louie Schwartzberg

Photographer Louie Schwartzberg brings us all to a place of breath-taking beauty, wonder and hope with his TED Talk, remarkable images and the words of wise ones, young and old. This TED Talk leaves us with a sigh and a smile every time we revisit it.

Image: Kids with pots on their heads


Karen Thompson: What Fear Can Teach Us!

DON’T MISS THIS hidden gem!.. If you are turning your back on all the fear and malice in the news media these days, this TED Talk is a really fun and “game changing” insight! I use it almost every day.

image: Wolves and ravens


Rewilding: How Wolves Radically Change Rivers

Author George Monbiot has coined a new term – “rewilding” – which may be the key to finding balance with the natural world. You won’t believe the dramatic improvements that nature can manage for itself, once key species are reintroduced. Fascinating!


It Can All Change In An Instant

Ric Elias was on board “the Miracle of the Hudson,” the US Airways flight that was set to crash before a heroic safe landing by Captain Sully. Learn what went through Elias’ mind as the doomed plane went down in the icy water.

Image: Many telephone poles close together, each with a man at the top working.


Secrets to the “Happiness Advantage” at Work

Want to be happier at work? Solid science predicts we actually control 90% of our happiness and only 10% is related to our circumstances! Today, Shawn Anchor tells us how to nurture the “happiness advantage” in our work and home. Amazing!


Monica Lewinsky Can Teach Us a Lot

If shame and fear were only minor players in the news media, we’d be looking at blank screens about 90% of the time. Monica Lewinsky has some really important insights on this. We were blown away by this TED Talk.

Image: Artist Louisa Ulrich-Verderber paints her math teachers' bathroom


Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Have you ever watched the TED Talk with the most views in history: 33 million? There’s a reason this one is on top. Great fun and a subject that can expand every single one of us, no matter our age.

Image: Sam Berns and his parents with Sam's Happiness Secrets


Sam Berns and His Happiness Secrets

Have you heard 17 year old, Sam Berns’ secrets to a happy life? I watch this TED Talk periodically as a refresher course, no matter how busy I am – and maybe because of that. See why!


DARPA: Removing the fear of failure

As you may know, DARPA is one of the leading research and innovation centers in the world. Researcher Regina Dugan explains what happens when the fear of failure is removed from the equation there. Are you holding back on something wonderful, for fear of failure? You won’t be after seeing today’s featured TED Talk.


Rats Becoming Our Heroes?

What potential are we missing by ignoring the “untouchable” things? Let’s start with the amazing abilities of rats to save millions of lives! Really!


A Life Beyond Expectations

Despite not having eyes, Daniel Kish has taught himself to see and is teaching others. He began breaking down barriers of expectation at an early age and his story is a remarkable testament to what happens when we look at the world with possibility.

Image: Politician and Beonce in power pose


Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Could you be limiting your own potential with something as subtle as body language? Turns out that your body language tells others who you are, and that could be a lot different than who you want to be!


The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen

Despite what the negative 24-hour news cycle tells us, it turns out that the world is NOT actually going to hell in a handbasket! Things are getting better and there’s solid data to prove it! Learn more in today’s feature.