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Saving the Rainforest with Old Cellphones

How can we police large swaths of endangered rainforest with something we all have at home? The incredible startup Rainforest Connection is taking our old cell phones and giving them a second life as protectors of some of the most at-risk habitat on the planet!


How Small Can Nanomachines Be?

Is the world getting better as we are shrinking everything down through nano-technology? It is! You will walk a little taller from all the possibilities on the immediate horizon.


Want to be a space archaeologist?

Growing up a great number of us probably wanted to be an astronaut or an archaeologist, but what if you could have been both? Yes, space archaeology is here, and soon, we will be able to become citizen space archaeologists!


The Magic of Pixar: Blending Science and Art

What if we were able to use our unique life experiences to push the boundaries of possibility? Danielle Feinberg is a Pixar animator who takes her love for art, technology, and science and brings them together to create movie magic. Here is her story!


DARPA: Removing the fear of failure

As you may know, DARPA is one of the leading research and innovation centers in the world. Researcher Regina Dugan explains what happens when the fear of failure is removed from the equation there. Are you holding back on something wonderful, for fear of failure? You won’t be after seeing today’s featured TED Talk.


Flying Machines of the Future

How will drones shape, or reshape, possibility in the future? In this beautiful and fascinating TED Talk, innovator Raffaello D’Andrea, along with some of his drones, lays out what the future may have in store for us!

Fascination with Robots, Cute Robots


Our Fascination With Robots

How long have we been fascinated by robots? The surprising answer may make you question your own assumptions about why we fear and revere these marvels of technology!


One Teenager, Changing the World for Many

At age 14, Easton LaChappelle met a 7 year old girl who had a prosthetic arm. The limb could only open and close, and yet it cost $80,000. He thought he could do better, and do it for under $1,000. He set to work in his bedroom, and later the family garage.