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We publish one article each day – on anything under the sun – to demonstrate this is still an amazing world (our motto).

Our goal is to change the negative dialogue about our world and many of our articles are perfect for inspiring wonder and a sense of boundless possibility in growing minds.

The following links are a small part of our very best Educational Enrichment related articles. Click here to go to the entire list that grows every day! Enjoy! 

Image: Rewilding with Megafauna from North America


Rewilding: What if we had the giants back?

Have you heard much about “megafauna,” the other giants that roamed the earth after the dinosaurs. It turns out they can teach us a lot about rewilding, a process to recover balance in the natural world.


Plants Can Talk to Each Other?

It isn’t crazy science fiction, in fact, plants are able to communicate to warn each other of danger. You might not smell a freshly mown lawn the same again!

Image: Moving Maps screen shot for wind patterns


Moving Maps: Blowing in the Wind

Wind, weather, all the phenomena above us in the sky; they all seem more like concepts than tangible realities, but moving maps make these things a remarkable reality. Take a look!


A Crash Course in “Crash Course”

Ever find yourself on the internet aimlessly clicking to find great, engaging content? Let us introduce you to one of our favorite places on the internet, the incredible YouTube channel, Crash Course!


Mathemagical Inspiration

Why is math so feared in school (or at least it’s seen that way in pop culture…)? Can math be… well, MAGIC? It can! This is pure wonder. Take a look…


Let’s Stop “Palming” Orangutans Off

What do baby orangutans have to do with Starbucks, Dominos Pizza, and Dunkin Donuts? Turns out, their futures are intertwined in a remarkable way that we all could influence positively! Let’s let the breathtaking photography of artist Jami Tarris tell the story.


Ok Go Does it Again!

You may have seen Ok Go’s new viral music video filmed in zero gravity, but today EWC does what we do best: we bring you a behind the scenes look at how the video was made, and the science behind the wonder!


The Glow-in-the-Dark World Beneath the Sea

Just below the ocean waves is a world that, until recently, we had never seen before. This world of glowing sharks, eels, turtles, and much more has been swimming all around us, but it took asking the right question to find it!


An Adventure Atop the Tepuis

Take a trip to South America to Explore the Tepuis, magnificent mesas rising up from the jungle below. Join the explorers who study these islands in the sky, and their remarkable flora and fauna!

Image: DIY Microscope in front of a screen, with a close-up of a spider's face


A DIY Smartphone Microscope!

Your smartphone can be only a few steps away from a wonder you can’t imagine! It can easily be a handy microscope! With just a few simple steps, and materials, your phone can help you explore the microscopic world around you! Can you imagine how fun this might be for the kids in your life?


Fintastic Shark Facts

Our fascination with sharks might seem like a little much at times, but these incredible examples of evolution might deserve some of the attention we give them. Leave today a little smarter with a few amazing shark facts!

Image: A brilliant orange ball, crossed with silver honey comb strands is a butterfly egg


Hidden Mysteries of Our World

Have you ever stopped to think about the beauty of the world we can’t see? Maybe you’ve been shown a photo like this next one, and asked to guess what it was?


Are you really seeing what I’m seeing?

We know each of us sees the world a little differently, but have you ever thought about what the world looks like to another species? Our perspective may not be the most fascinating one out there…

Have A Little Faith SoulPancake


Have a Little Faith!

Zach Anner is a comedian with cerebral palsy who is a self-proclaimed “religious idiot.” On his quest to learn more about the religions of the world, he takes us on an incredible journey that is as hilarious as it is enlightening! Check out our new favorite YouTube series here at EWC!


Turning Birds Into Dinosaurs

Is turning birds into dinosaurs possible? Creating the dino-chicken isn’t just a scientific dream. The science behind the project is already a reality!