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You’ll find we publish one article each day – on anything under the sun – to demonstrate this is still an amazing world (our motto)

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Exploring Our Human Connection

Join us on a journey into our own humanity. Here’s the remarkable cinematic masterpiece “HUMAN”, a film that delves into the threads of connection that run through us all…


Painting in a Pool of Milk?

From the earliest cave paintings, humanity has been refining the artistic impulse by experimentation and in today’s article, Alexa Meade takes innovation to another level.


Beauty in a Solitary Drop of Water

What if everything ordinary, like a drop of water, is intricately complex and beautiful depending solely upon your perspective. Take a look at a video that explains this assertion and will leave you stunned by a remarkably unknown source for wonder.

Image: Crowds with mouth agape in the Sistine Chapel


At our best, we can create soaring spaces!

The Sistine Chapel is one of the world’s more revered artistic sites. Art historian Elizabeth Lev takes us on a journey through this magnificent space that transcends religion and culture, and gets at the essence of wonder!


Bacteria as an Art Form?

An MIT scientist studying how bacteria can detect cancer is teaming up with an artist to make living art. The results, and their story, is fascinating.

Image: Oh, The Places You'll Go burning man sculpture looking like a 3D honey comb, with many people climbing through it.


Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Know anyone graduating or beginning a new chapter of life? Here’s a gift to both of you! Enjoy an old childhood favorite by Dr. Seuss as read by a very unlikely source!

Touching Strangers


The Connective Power of Photography

How can taking a photograph help you connect with a stranger? Richard Renaldi’s photographic series “Touching Strangers” shows us that an act as simple as posing with a stranger can have a profound effect on our sense of humanity.