Ever Widening Circles is headquartered in lovely St. Albans, Vermont in the United States of America.

With the idyllic backdrop of Vermont’s rolling hills, and a quintessential New England charm of Downtown St. Albans. It’s an inspiring place to be starting a website that celebrates the fact that this is still an amazing world (our motto).

Dr. Lynda Ulrich grew up knowing she wanted a life of connection, creativity, and meaning. She has traveled the globe all her life, is an exceptional artist, a dentist, public speaker and is curious about absolutely everything. EWC fulfills a lifelong dream to use those skills in a way that expands the potential of humanity.

Meet Dr. Lynda!

Liesl Ulrich-Verderber
COO & EWCed Founder

Born and raised in northern Vermont, Liesl has honed her artistic skills as a photographer. She graduated from Harvard in May of 2015, where she studied Architectural Design and Economics. There, she honed her skills answering the questions “Is it novel? Is it useful?” A mindset she brings to EWC every day.

Meet Liesl!

Dr. Chuck is a co-owner of Ever Widening Circles. Before settling into Dentistry Dr. Chuck played college basketball and was Team Captain at the University of Kentucky, and thereafter played professionally in Northern Spain. At EWC, he keeps us grounded financially and brings his lovable energy everywhere he goes.

Meet Dr. Chuck!

Samantha Burns
CAO & Staff Writer

Samantha joined the EWC team in April of 2016. She is originally from Northern Vermont and graduated from Suffolk University in January 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, concentrating in Advertising. In her time living in Boston, she realized her love for writing and discovering what drives us to do what we do.

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Abigayle FugereImage: Abigayle Fugere
Analytics Intern

Abigayle joined EWC in January 2018 in the midst of working towards her Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Vermont. She’s the kind of person who will give you all of her snacks from her lunch box if you need them, and we’re known to accept a granola bar every once in awhile. (Thanks, Abi!)

Meet Abigayle!

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