Ever Widening Circles is headquartered in lovely St. Albans, Vermont in the U.S, about an hour south of Montreal, Canada!

With the idyllic backdrop of Vermont’s rolling hills and the quintessential New England charm of downtown St. Albans, it’s an inspiring place to be starting a website that celebrates the fact that this is still an amazing world.

Dr. Lynda has been a business leader, global traveler, artist, and innovator her whole life.  In her profession, she aimed to keep the humanity in healthcare, and in the process, she discovered what connects us all. She is now using those insights to show us how to usher in a new era for ourselves and the world. If you like a good story, ask her what it’s like to raise a baby moose or weld a life-sized dinosaur out of car parts!

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Meet Dr. Lynda!

Image: Liesl Liesl Ulrich-Verderber
CEO & EWCed Founder

Liesl is our CEO and the founder of two other platforms in the EWC orbit: our education site at EWCed and our endeavor to improve business and healthcare culture at Amazing World Media. She is a Harvard grad with a laser focus on using her background in design, economics, and education to make the world a better place for others. She also brings a global perspective to her work background in international travel and study. If you’d like to collaborate with EWC or discuss how our content can integrate into your healthcare space or classroom, please reach out to her!

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Meet Liesl!

Image: a glowing Ellen Allerton

Ellen Allerton
Director of Operations

Ellen has been a part of the EWC team in multiple roles since 2018. In 2020, she graduated from St. Lawrence University with three things: a degree in Communications, a degree in Government, and a desire to help make the world a better place! She is now our COO, helping everything run smoothly so that we can keep proving that it’s still an amazing world! 

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Image: SamSam Burns
Editor in Chief

Sam has written or edited over a thousand articles since starting with EWC in 2016 and is gifted at moving fluidly from the printed word to connecting with thought leaders, videographers, and other professionals (and not-so-professionals). Please feel free to contact her about almost any aspect of the site or if you also have a growing adoration for sea slugs, bugs, birds, and fungi!

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Meet Sam!

Image: ReneeRenee Laroche-Rheaume
Outreach Coordinator

Renee joined the EWC team in 2019, and has been our social media queen ever since! With a penchant for wordplay, design, culture, and a natural curiosity for the wonders of the world, Renee uses her unique set of skills to let everyone know about all the amazing things happening in the world. She also writes a monthly article and curates headlines for our weekly newsletter. If you find an awesome good news story that needs more attention, send it her way!

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Dr. Chuck is a co-founder of Ever Widening Circles. Before settling into dentistry, Dr. Chuck played college basketball and was the team captain at the University of Kentucky, and thereafter played professionally in Northern Spain. At EWC, he keeps us grounded financially and brings his lovable energy everywhere he goes.

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