Our Story

cropped-ewc-photo-blog.jpgOur vision is to change the dialogue about the state of our world.

Yes, we know there is plenty to worry about on the 24-hour news cycle. But there is also innovation, insight and remarkable progress slipping by unknown and uncelebrated by most.

Here is our back story:

In the winter of 2014, I became more and more discouraged about the relentless barrage of bad news coming from every corner of the global media. Fortunately, I had lived and traveled all over the world myself, so I knew this did not represent the whole story. Just when I was beginning to spiral downward myself, I made the acquaintance of a brilliant young man who agreed that the dialogue about our world was way out of balance, and we were crazy enough to think we could combine our gifts to offer the globe a different view of possibility.

A mere 6 weeks after our first cup of coffee together, we published the first of now 700 articles.

Image: Sunlight rays through daisiesOur goal was to publish one article each day – on any subject under the sun – to demonstrate this is still an amazing world.

The initial version of Ever Widening Circles (EWC) was created in March of 2014. We took a year to test various aspects of the project and at the end of that journey, we had 45,000 views of our articles each month, from over 190 countries.

It was an exciting time!

There were stretches when we were being joined by over 1000 new Facebook fans per day. We now have over 180,000 facebook fans and they come from some very interesting corners of the globe: more than 10,000 are from Afghanistan; more than 20,000 from Nepal,  and the same in Cambodia; 23,000 in India; 11,000 from Algeria, and the list goes on.

All of that interest in possibility was enough to tell me that people all over the world were ready for a better worldview.

My young tech friend moved on to other projects of his own, so my daughter Liesl, a recent Harvard grad, joined me to continue the project.

Image: Liesl and Dr. Lynda at Harvard Graduation

We took another 6 months to create a new website that was ready for the world stage and in October of 2015 we launched the one you are enjoying now.

Here are four promises we are committed to keeping:

We will fact check and cite our sources scrupulously.

We will always write in a way that is like having coffee with a friend.

We will never complicate our beautiful, image-rich content with bizarre advertising ploys.

We will never impose an agenda on you. We are not left, right, green, new-age, religious or bias in any way. 

We are interested in featuring insights and innovations that almost everyone could look upon with wonder and come away feeling empowered.

What you will find daily:

We think the world is ready for a fundamental change in the kind of “news” they are getting. People are beaten down by the relentless ratcheting up of fear and drama, and the complete absence of solutions or equanimity.

Here at EWC, you will find a sense of refreshment; your optimism restored by thought-leaders in technology, sports, science, the arts, philosophy, business, conservation, education and every other field.

Here you will find the knowledge and insights to feel you have a balanced worldview and the peace of mind.

Image: Collage of EWC article photosWe are ordinary people, with the right skills and life experiences to bring this project to the wider world.

You can join our unique community of connection around this idea that the world is still an amazing place.


Share content ideas with us. (It’s so easy to send us a quick link!)

Spread the word that we are here.

Become a guest writer. We are always looking for guest writers to expand the website’s point of view, and help us ask better questions!

Ever Widening Circles takes its name from the image of ripples that radiate outward when you toss but one small pebble in a pond. We think this is the way knowledge and inspiration can change the world, one insight at a time.


Dr. Lynda M. Ulrich, Founder