Ever Widening Circles is a growing community of people from all around the globe who are changing the dialogue about our planet.

We are smart, open, curious, and still hopeful. We know this is an amazing world.

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Source: Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

We aspire to be the polar opposite of the negative 24-hour news cycle…and all those other time-consuming websites that force us to sift through reams of mediocre content to find one thing that might be interesting.

You can look into every article we publish – even the topics you think you won’t be interested in – and be transformed.

Many of our content ideas come from our daily visitors who want to share the remarkable things that inspire them!

We publish one article each day – on any subject under the sun – to demonstrate this is still an amazing world.

That’s our bottom line. We have no special interest, except to go on a journey together, sharing and exploring the extraordinary things in our world and ordinary people doing remarkable things.

There is so much of that!

After tucking into a handful of our articles, you will be amazed, and maybe walk a little taller!

Our founding tenants:

  • We will be a place for all, with no agenda except to prove this is still an amazing world.
  • We will give our community assurances that all the content has been fact-checked carefully.
  • We will only include outbound links to the most impeccable and long-trusted sources for information.
  • We will never be a place where you have to battle obnoxious advertising distractions.

Think of Ever Widening Circles (EWC) as a museum of the human experience: a place where the very best wonders and ideas can be found.

For instance, you may know that only 2% of the Smithsonian Museum’s collection is on display at any one time, and there is a team of people (curators) who are constantly combing through the vast collection in the museum’s nether regions to help us make the most of our limited time spent in their exhibits.

These curators show us the most important, moving, and relevant pieces after they have proven without a shadow of a doubt the legitimacy of each piece. We will do the same. Even if we absolutely love something, we will not post it unless the sources and facts can be verified! We don’t have to write about things that are too good to be true!  There’s plenty of good news and insight out there that the modern media is just ignoring!

We’ve written 560+ articles that will inspire you and we have hundreds more topics in our bullpen!

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Source: Dr. Lynda

We are not North American-centric.  We are already a global community from 190 countries, and our aim is to connect people to things we can almost all agree upon, stand in wonder about, and hold as precious.

Here’s a tip: you’ll get the most from your visits to Ever Widening Circles if you try to suspend your Internet search habits, and just jump into a few articles you don’t think will interest you.

Give it a try and see if you come away happier, smarter, or both!

You know how most of us use instantaneous filters to decide on what to click? Maybe you only click on interesting photos, or you read five words of a title and move on.

While that can act as a real time saver in general, you don’t have to worry about filtering here. Our regular visitors tell us all the time that they love the randomness and opportunity to find something remarkable that they would never have thought they cared about.

Join us daily, and see if you don’t feel better about the world!

We are building something together that never existed before, and can change the future: one mind expanded, one new connection, one creative spark at a time.

The framework of the website is organized around encouraging people to send things our way.

From simple links to special items, written pieces, videos, TED Talks, recorded personal stories, podcasts, works by artists, news on innovators, and more. We try to share those things that would touch a chord in many, but might be missed by most.

All the information you find on Ever Widening Circles, shared from other sources, has been republished here for educational and informational purposes to benefit all who visit us. We do our best to credit every single bright mind we feature, and as you can see, access to all this wonder is completely free without obnoxious advertising.

So, who are we?

Image: Liesl and Dr. Lynda at Harvard Graduation

Source: Dr. Lynda

I’m Dr. Lynda Ulrich and on the right of me in the photo is my daughter, Liesl Ulrich-Verderber. We are just ordinary, nice people trying to make the world a little better for everyone!

In the summer of 2015, my daughter and I collaborated on how our shared skills might change the world a little bit, and Ever Widening Circles is the result of that initial spark of inspiration. You can read our back-story and our complete bios, and I think you’ll find we are people you could identify with on many levels.

Give us feedback. We will welcome it!

You can join us too! Take a look at our Join Us page if you’d like to make a difference in the world.

Please accompany us in this exciting endeavor! Write or send us content ideas, and share our mission with the special thinkers you know!

Take us all on a journey we could never have made without you!


Dr. Lynda Ulrich & The Ever Widening Circles Team