We are curating the internet for the extraordinary.

We comb the internet for all of the best content that proves it’s still an amazing world. We’re talking real progress and facts about our world; innovations, scientific breakthroughs, features about our natural world and who we share the planet with, the ideas from brilliant people just like you, and other great newsworthy content. Then, we put it all in one place for you to easily find.

But we’re doing it differently.

We believe the world deserves a place on the internet where they aren’t completely bombarded and overwhelmed with news updates or obnoxious advertising. Where our readers, not profit, are put first and the creators who are making brilliant content are uplifted and supported to get over all of the noise. So you’re never going to find two things on Ever Widening Circles: politics, or a commercial agenda.

We aim to be the nicest place on the internet.

From the very beginnings of EWC in 2014, these have been our tenets of what you will find and who we promise to be:

  • We will be a place for all, with no political or commercial agenda. And because we have no commercial angle, you will never battle obnoxious advertising distractions.
  • We will only use sources and include outbound links to long-trusted places of knowledge and goodwill on the web.
  • We write in a way that feels as though you have had coffee with a very nice, really smart friend. You will always leave EWC with a spring in your step.

And, we believe you want this as well. On May 25th, 2018 Ever Widening Circles made it to the front page of Reddit. “Why does that matter?”, you ask. Well, Reddit is considered to be the “front page of the internet”, so really, we were on the front page… of the front page. This made it so over 1.4 million people tried to explore the site (which of course, only crashed our servers and made that Friday the most exciting one for us yet). But the message was loud and clear: the world is ready for this. The world needs this.

We’re now close to publishing a thousand articles and are nowhere near stopping.

Of course, to be clear, we understand there are terrible things happening in the world. They’re everywhere. They’re important. And they rightfully deserve our attention. But, as they say, we can’t pour from an empty cup. Being continuously pelted with terrible news isn’t what’s going to motivate any of us. What’s going to make the change is the knowledge that people are working diligently to make the world a better place for us all.

One way to look at this is simple: if there is a dark web, why not foster a “light” web? How can we create a trusted space on the internet that is for everyone?

We’re so excited you’re here to explore this amazing world with us. We hope to be your guides into the crazy experience that is searching for content online (and to make your day a little bit better)!

“We are building something together that never existed before, and can change the future: one mind expanded, one new connection, one creative spark at a time.”
Dr. Lynda, DMD, Founder

A Letter from our Founder            Meet the Team!

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Have a look around the site and after scrolling down our homepage, dabbling in our “circles”, or browsing our archives. You’ll see that the potential in our world and in each other is boundless.  Most importantly, dive into a few articles you think you won’t be interested in (no really, try it!) and you’ll understand why all those Reddit folks shared our excitement.

Oh, are you wondering about the name?

Ever Widening Circles takes its name from the ripples that radiate outward when you toss one pebble into a pond. We believe knowledge and inspiration can change the world in the same way: one insight at a time.

(See also: This beautiful poem by Rainer Maria Rilke titled “Widening Circles” that introduced, our founder, Dr. Lynda to this concept: http://bit.ly/2Fr4goy)

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