Welcome to Ever Widening Circles! We are curating the web for meaningful insight and innovation going uncelebrated in the chaos of mass media.

Here you’ll find an easy connection to inspiring technology, scientific breakthroughs, extraordinary features of the natural world, remarkable creativity, and newsworthy ideas from brilliant thought leaders around the globe.

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Every corner of our website proves it’s still an amazing world and points to the Conspiracy of GoodnessTM well underway around the globe!

We’re doing things differently.

Here you’ll find no politics or commercial agendas.

We believe the world needs a place on the internet that feels like an oasis from the overwhelming negative news cycle, political acrimony, and relentless advertising. We need a place where all of the people, businesses, organizations, and creators out there working diligently to make this world better for everyone are celebrated.

On Ever Widening Circles, you’ll find the most uplifting and remarkable articles to point you to ever more signs of progress! There’s a huge Conspiracy of GoodnessTM happening in the world, and we’re your jumping off point.

In short: we aim to be the nicest place on the web.

To accomplish that lofty goal, Ever Widening Circles (EWC) was founded in 2014 with three tenets:
  • Ever Widening Circles will be a place for all where you will never find bias-driven distractions or battle a barrage of advertising.
  • We will cite our sources carefully and only include outbound links to long-trusted places of knowledge and goodwill on the internet.
  • We will write in a way that feels as though you have had coffee with a very nice, smart friend. You will always leave EWC with a spring in your step.

That seems to be the recipe that people all over the world are hungry for!

On May 25th, 2018, word of our work went viral, on the front page of Reddit. In one afternoon, we had over 1.7 million search requests from people trying to explore the site (which of course, crashed our servers and made that Friday the most exciting one for us yet).

“Why does that matter?”, you ask. Well, Reddit is considered to be the “front page of the internet”, so really, we were on the front page… of the front page. But the message was loud and clear: the world is ready for this. The world needs this.

We’re now close to publishing a thousand articles and there are so many exciting things we want to share that we have our articles scheduled out for months!

There is a Conspiracy of GoodnessTM happening folks!

Of course, to be clear, we understand there are terrible things happening around the globe and they rightfully deserve our attention. But many expert journalists are covering those things and we are grateful for their diligence.

Ever Widening Circles is a place for the rest of the story.

As they say, we can’t pour from an empty cup. We believe a “balanced worldview” includes knowledge that many people are working diligently and successfully to make the world a better place for us all. The EWC team finds examples of that in spades every day and then we share the best with you.

Learn about the Conspiracy of Goodness happening around the world—and how you’re already a part of it—here.

So who are we?

Image: Dr. Lynda and Liesl with their heads together

Dr. Lynda and Liesl

Maybe it’s more important to know who we are not. We are not a major media conglomerate with ulterior motives, encumbered by decades of complexities.

Ever Widening Circles began as a mother/daughter team who decided that if they could not find a reliable place on the internet for newsworthy information, without the biases of politics and ads, then they were up to creating it.

After all, how hard could it be to build a media company intent on influencing the news media and the internet at a fundamental level?

Well, it’s been VERY hard, and yet, after 5 years, we are breaking through!

Every week more people become regular visitors and Dr. Lynda is building relationships with global thought leaders who we are writing about. And now Liesl has launched the first of 4 major EWC initiatives, with a version of our website ready for classrooms around the world:  EWCed.

If you are an educator or have children in your life in any regard, make sure you share EWCed with them. It’s one website they can browse freely in without worry.

“We are building something together that never existed before, and can change the future: one mind expanded, one new connection, one creative spark at a time.”
Dr. Lynda, DMD, Founder

    Meet the rest of the Team! Letter from Founder

Want to support us? Here’s how you can help.

Have a look around the site and after scrolling down our homepage, dabbling in our “circles”, or browsing our archives. You’ll see that the potential in our world and in each other is boundless.

One way to look at this is simple: if there is a dark web, why not foster a “light web?” You can join us regularly to help create a trusted space on the internet that points to progress for everyone

EWC Team Recommendation: Dive into a few articles that you think you won’t be interested in (no really, try it!) and you’ll understand why all those Reddit folks shared our excitement.

Image: photo of radiating circles in a pond after a pebble is tossed in

Wondering about our name?

Ever Widening Circles takes its name from the ripples that radiate outward when you toss one pebble into a pond.

We believe knowledge and inspiration can change the world in the same way: one insight at a time.

( See also: The beautiful, thought-provoking work of philosopher Rainer Maria Rilke.  Our founder, Dr. Lynda, was introduced to an inspiring Rilke poem, “Widening Circles”, in a podcast interview with Joanna Macy, at OnBeing.org. )

Since 2014 we have been building a global community and changing the negative dialogue about our times.

Join us. Share that we are here with your circles of friends and family!

When you are excited about the good happening in the world, share it!
When you’re proud of the people in your life making difference, spread the word.
If you are moved by an act of kindness, share the story.