“Our vision is to change the dialogue about the state of our world, by pointing people to insights and remarkable innovations going uncelebrated in the news.”

We are a growing global community from 190 countries, connecting people to the interesting things, inspirational stories, and new innovations we can almost all agree upon, stand in wonder about and hold as precious.

Our goal is to be the nicest place on the internet! To accomplish that challenging feat, we simply follow three principles:

  • We will be a place for all, with no political, religious or commercial agenda.
  • We will only use sources from and include outbound links to, long-trusted places on the web.
  • Because we have no commercial angle, you will never battle obnoxious advertising distractions.

Ever Widening Circles takes its name from the ripples that radiate outward when you toss one pebble into a pond. We believe knowledge and inspiration can change the world in the same way; one insight at a time.

Image: Blue sky reflected in a pond after a pebble is tossed

Yes, we know there’s plenty to worry about in the news cycle, but there is also exciting progress slipping by, unknown and uncelebrated by most.

“Think of Ever Widening Circles (EWC) as a museum of the most insightful innovations and work of remarkably good people: a place where the very best wonders and ideas can be found.”

-Dr. Lynda Ulrich, DMD, Founder

We try to share those things that would touch a chord in many, but might be missed by most. From written pieces to extraordinary videos, TED Talks, podcasts, works by artists, news about new innovations, inspirational stories, and more.

We’re proving that it’s still an amazing world…

Image: Sunlight through the daisies

“We are building something together that never existed before, and can change the future: one mind expanded, one new connection, one creative spark at a time.” -Dr. Lynda, DMD, Founder

Curious about how this whole thing began?

Read the full story of how Ever Widening Circles came to be, and get a better understanding of our vision in this letter from Dr. Lynda, EWC’s founder, and CEO.

Letter from our Founder   Meet the Team!