“Our vision is to change the dialogue about the state of our world, by pointing people to insights and remarkable innovations going uncelebrated in the news.”

We are a team of ordinary people who have come together to grow a global community, sharing stories of ingenuity and wonder that almost anyone would agree signal great progress in the world.

Our aim is to touch a common chord in people from all cultures and generations, in short, to be the nicest place on the internet!  To accomplish that challenging feat, we simply follow four principles:

  • We will be a place for all, with no agenda: no politics, no religion, no commercial biases.
  • We will only use sources, and include outbound links to, long-trusted places of knowledge and goodwill on the web.
  • Because we have no commercial angle, you will never battle obnoxious advertising distractions.
  • You will always leave EWC with a spring in your step. We write in a way that feels as though you have had coffee with a very nice, really smart friend.

That seems to be a recipe that people are searching for!

On May 25, 2018, EWC made it to the front page of Reddit! 1.4 million search requests crashed our developer’s servers for an entire day. We received the “Reddit Hug of Death” and we could not be happier. We view that as our “proof of concept” day. 

Now the real work begins: to make certain that people around the world, who are still hopeful and curious, know that EWC is a place they can visit for peace-of-mind, inspiration, and connection.

And what’s our name all about?

Ever Widening Circles takes its name from the ripples that radiate outward when you toss one pebble into a pond. We believe knowledge and inspiration can change the world in the same way; one insight at a time.

Image: Blue sky reflected in a pond after a pebble is tossed

Yes, we know there’s plenty to worry about in the news cycle, but there is also exciting progress slipping by,  missed by most.

In fact, we often sit back and look at the over 900 articles we’ve written and wonder what the world would look like if everyone just knew about these things, much less all the wonders we have in our bullpen, yet written about.

People would feel like we do, that possibility is all around us.

“Think of Ever Widening Circles (EWC) as a museum of the most insightful innovations and work of remarkably good people: a place where the very best wonders and ideas can be found.”

-Dr. Lynda Ulrich, DMD, Founder

Have a look around the site and after scrolling down our homepage, dabbling in our “circles”, or browsing our archives, you’ll see that the potential in our world, in each other, is boundless.  Most importantly, dive into a few articles you think you won’t be interested in (no really, try it!) and you’ll understand why all those Reddit folks shared our excitement.

We are curating the best of the web for you very carefully, not churning out the mediocre.

We publish only one polished piece every other day: some include extraordinary videos, or feature the best TED Talks, podcasts, works by radically creative artists, news about new innovations, inspirational stories of kindness or ingenuity, and more.

We’ve even recently launched a version of our website for classrooms around the world! (Check out EWCed.com if you are a parent, teacher or avid student.) 

We’re proving that it’s still an amazing world…

Image: Sunlight through the daisies

“We are building something together that never existed before, and can change the future: one mind expanded, one new connection, one creative spark at a time.” -Dr. Lynda, DMD, Founder

Curious about how this whole thing began?

Read the full story of how Ever Widening Circles came to be, and get a better understanding of our vision in this letter from Dr. Lynda, EWC’s founder, and CEO.

Letter from our Founder   Meet the Team!