Charitable Component

At, we are beginning our business with a commitment to make the world a better place from many angles.Image: Stages of a Milkweed Flower

We are planning a branch of EWC that will open new possibilities in education, one that will work in healthcare settings to advance healing, and yet another branch will be creating new global connections in problem-solving. Through it all, we will weave a thread of giving.

From the outset, we are pledging to give 10% of our profits to charity and the organization we will help initially is called SOS Children’s Villages. What a marvel they are for children in crisis all over the world.

SOS is on a mission and so are we. While we build our rapport with the global community and gain users with generosity in their hearts. Ever Widening Circles’ charitable dollars, will be targeted towards SOS because of their amazing record of creating change in the lives of children all over the world. We (Dr. Chuck and I) know this from experience: we have supported six SOS children for many years and visited SOS Orphanages. Our only confusion is why people don’t know about their enormous global impact for children in crisis.Image: Dr. Chuck with SOS kids

Here’s a photo of Dr. Chuck (my co-founder) playing with some kids at an SOS Village in Central America:

SOS Children’s Villages is an organization that is almost always active immediately after natural disasters all over the world, and they have a consistent record of responsible stewardship as well as a unique way in which they orchestrate the care of children in their villages. Their “villages” are often organized exactly like a normal community, with many homes and families surrounding a school and other social facilities. SOS families consist of ten children of all ages, being raised by two house mothers.

sos-group-phoroThe SOS homes we visited are very much like any other large, loving family home, with everyone pitching in to make things work. Dr. Chuck, my three children, and I visited one village in Quito, Ecuador several years ago and spent quite some time with an entire SOS “family,” which you can see in the following photo:

If you would like to learn more about SOS Children’s Villages, we urge you to begin by visiting the SOS Children’s Village website – check them out at SOS-children’s

Please help us discover deserving, meaningful, and little-known charities that would be a good place for our philanthropy efforts!

Here’s a fabulous social experiment SOS sponsored to raise awareness:

Thanks for learning about the initial philanthropic efforts we have planned. Again, EWC is now looking for a sponsor and will make sure they share the same social goodwill we aspire to.

We’ll keep you posted about how our/your efforts circle back to helping others through the Ever Widening Circles vision.



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