Samantha Burns

Writer & Social Media Intern

Hello, wonderful human.Samantha Burns

I’m Samantha Burns, or Sam, whichever seems more fitting for you. I’m an intern here at Ever Widening Circles, where I write at least one article a week for ya’ll. I’m also in charge of our social media, specifically our tweets and posts on Instagram.

We’re currently in the beginnings of starting a new Instagram project we’re calling #isaaw (It’s Still An Amazing World). Every day we post a photo or video from our lives that we find amazing, from the beauty of the day’s first cup of coffee to the way someone made you feel. We need some help with this. We want to see what you find beautiful.

What reminds you that it’s still an amazing world?

Hailing from the woods of Northern Vermont, I was formed with an innate love of nature and a mind that couldn’t wrap around the fact that others didn’t grow up the same way. I saw a bus of students from New York City come to a summer camp each year, and it always baffled me that there were so many who didn’t grow up with nature. I always wondered what their lives were like and what we had in common, but more importantly what differed between us.

I made the move to Boston in 2012 to attend Suffolk University, and instantly developed an interest in the way people interact, not only within their own selves but with those around them. I studied how people make decisions based on of their values, how they were raised, and where that happened. I graduated in January of 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, concentrating in Advertising, but not before a love for writing that was pushed back by mounds of papers and stress and blossomed once more in the last semester. There’s a beauty in words. Every culture has them, and we all use them in the same way: to communicate, to connect with one another. My goal is to find a way to use these words only for good, to spread messages of the wonderful happenings this life brings us around the world. Advertising has become more than just selling a product, it’s about selling a lifestyle and promoting change to better us all.