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Today’s thought leader is Sunny Grosso. Sunny is a founding member of the Delivering Happiness consulting team. She is a master coach, a global speaker, and a culture changer, working directly with organizations worldwide.

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Sunny is on a mission to inspire and impact organizations around the world to adopt happiness as a business model. Her work leads to the creation of more purposeful organizations that provide better human experiences and lead to greater business results.

She is also the co-founder of East+West Wellness, CEO of Culture Trails, and founder of SunYoga. Through all of this, Sunny has tapped into the highs and lows of her experience to create cultures that are flexible and even successful through changing times.

Be sure to tune into this absolute goldmine of an episode and learn the true power of positive work cultures.

[00:01 – 6:20] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Sunny Grosso
  • Sunny gives us a bit more background on her story and journey 
    • Founding member of DH 
    • Implementing Zappos methodology – happiness as a business model
    • Approaching whole-being with well-being 
  • Sunny illuminates the meaning behind a sense of well-being 
    • A scientific approach to wellness and happiness 
    • A shift in leadership to holistic approaches to leading 

[06:21 – 27:39] The Power of Positive Work Cultures

  • Sunny shares the definition of positive work culture
    • The habits and the rituals of interaction 
      • The ‘How’ of business 
    • A distinction between the ‘What’ and the ‘How’
      • You need both to create results
    • Helping humans thrive through science driven practices 
  • How our survival instincts come into play in the workplace
    • Humans focus more on surviving than thriving 
    • We need to study how to be purposely involved in creating success
    • Interrupting negative patterns with positive habits 
  • Surviving vs. Thriving 
    • A look at Maslow’s law – basic needs first 
    • Pull out the information that will help you thrive 
    • See the threats but also the opportunities
  • Making a workplace that creates the environment to thrive
    • Work needs to make room for life
    • A look at our own habits as leaders and how it affects business 
    • Think ‘Whole-Being’ – people need an environment to thrive in
    • Happiness at work is directly correlated to happiness in life 
    • Well-being is essential for results 
  • A look at leadership ‘before covid’ vs. ‘after covid’ 
    • A developing need to continually adapt 
    • Adaptability is connected to our emotional fitness
    • It’s time to deepen relationships with a holistic approach
  • How to move towards a happy work culture 
    • The power of self-awareness
    • You need to lead by example
    • Are you living the values that your organization pushes?
  • Sunny talks about the science of human change 
    • The biggest catalyst for change is a paradigm shift 

[25:40 –  37:29] How to Create a Positive Work Culture

  • Sunny talks about redesigning the workplace to be more human 
    • The Great Reset – experiencing a slow down or a pressure cooker
    • Lean into the lows as opportunities to dive into ourselves 
  • How to build new habits and reminders for ourselves 
    • Don’t run from uncomfortable moments 
    • Understanding who we are is the bases for creating successful habits 
    • Be yourself at all times 
  • The importance of asking, ‘What COULD this be like?’ 
    • Create the world you wish you had using values 
    • Relationships and their correlation to happiness 
      • You can affect or infect 
  • Building friendships at work 
    • Build a values based organization to attract and repel 
    • The example of Zappos 
  • Unique strategies to build your culture 
    • Be a leader who is a good follower
      • Open minded to things that work 
    • Create champions to carry your values forward 

[37:30 – 51:47] I’ll Be Happy When…

  • Dispelling the idea that you need something to arrive at happiness
    • The lies we believed 
    • A look at the stimuli behind creating happiness 
      • Internal/intrinsic  
      • External 
    • Happiness comes from the internal practice of it 
  • Work can be an opportunity
    • Learning more about who you are 
    • Learning how to approach problems
    • Internal motivation as a driver for sustainable change
    • Building relationships with depth instead of breath
      • ‘The Clock and Compass’ analogy 
  • Developing relationships in the workplace 
    • Making a ‘friendship plan’ 
    • “I wish I had the courage to live the life that was true to me…” 

[53:48 – 1:02:12] Closing Segment

  • Sunny’s practical tips to start practicing today 
    • A sense of autonomy and control 
      • If you can’t change it, adapt  
    • How to intentionally change your mindset 
      • Notice 
      • Wonder 
      • Gratefulness 
      • Elevate to Awe 
  • How to connect with Sunny
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements 

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Connect with Sunny on Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to visit and start combining people with profit.


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