Today, more than ever, people are celebrating diversity and realizing that we can reach unimaginable heights together when we combine our strengths. The news and social media may seem pretty dark, but experience tells us that just under the surface, a new era is opening for us all, and we will have the opportunity to change division into discovery.

To do that, it will be all about expanding our capacity for human connection!

Our episode today will bring your own sense of  “self” and “the other” to a new, even more positive level, by putting you at ease with embracing our differences.

Image: Dina Zuckerberg Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

Dina is the Director of Family Programs at myFace. myFace is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of children and adults with facial differences. As someone with a facial difference herself, one of Dina’s many gifts is in helping us all bridge the gap that exists in those awkward moments when we meet someone physically different from us. In this terrific conversation, she gives us the perspective we need to wade in and feel connected at the outset, in almost any setting.


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Let’s dive into this episode together and learn more about how Dina continues to make it an amazing world and why it’s okay to ask questions about our differences.

Via: Ever Widening Circles. “Ep. 54 Why It’s Okay to Ask Questions about Our Differences | Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast.” YouTube, 13 Sept. 2021, Accessed 14 Sept. 2021.

[00:01 – 6:40] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Dina Zuckerberg
  • The scope of Dina’s work and impact
    • Born with a facial difference
    • Life growing up
    • Joining myFace

[06:41 – 21:14] Why It’s Okay to Ask Questions About Our Differences

  • How the book Wonder applies to Dina’s life
    • Dina’s journey accepting her difference and support
    • Beginning to share her story
    • The Wonder Project
  • The importance of communication
    • Wrestling the fear of the unknown
    • Not just our differences but our commonalities
  • Words matter – what are the right ones?
    • Everyone has their own preference
    • How to ask someone what to say
    • The liberation of accepting your difference
  • The importance of vulnerability within communication

[21:15 – 31:44] Letting People Know They’re Not Alone

  • How we can begin to approach people differently
    • Bypassing natural assumptions
  • The goal of myFace
    • Starting by helping people who were injured in war
    • Transitioning to children and adults
    • Providing access to holistic care
    • Education, resources, and support
  • A word about the Conspiracy of Goodness Summit

[31:45 – 44:13] The Masks We Share

  • Dina shares about removing the mask
  • What you can learn from children
    • Appreciating differences
    • Leaning towards kindness
  • Facing the bully the right way
    • There is a story behind the bully
    • Be kinder than you need to be
  • What Dina wishes everybody new
    • Everyone is on a journey
    • Choose kindness over anything
    • Find the shared story

[44:14 – 53:30] Closing Segment

  • Dina’s thoughts on living with purpose
    • Grateful for all experiences
    • The feeling of doing what you love
  • Managing the meaning of your experiences
  • How you can support Dina
  • What proves to Dina that it’s still an amazing world
  • Final announcements

Tweetable Quotes:

“There’s power in a shared story knowing you’re not alone.” – Dina Zuckerberg

“I think I’d rather have somebody ask about my difference than just pretend it’s not there, if they’re curious and want to know more.” – Dina Zuckerberg

“I think everybody to some extent wears a mask and it goes with the idea of being vulnerable…” – Dina Zuckerberg 

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