Who is the best chef of all time? Grandma, of course! But why is that such a universal experience? Here’s why grandma’s cooking is always the best and why it’s so impossible to replicate. They may not have Michelin Stars or James Beard Awards under their belts, but these culinary wizards are always serving up our favorites.

Grandmas have a soft spot in a lot of lives, so we’re taking time to spotlight these amazing folks who never fail to fill our bellies, hearts, and minds with the most special ingredient out there: love.

The ingredient you can never have too much of.

Whether it’s a timeless, treasured recipe passed down for generations or simply her way of heating up a frozen TV dinner, somehow, whatever your grandmother figures make for you is the “best”.

Now, let’s meet these awesome culinary wizards, shall we? Great Big Story brings us all over the globe to meet 5 grandmothers and their grandkids. Making the kids favorite dishes, the love is clear and the result is adorable.

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For the love it of all.

I remember my grandmother canning up her summer’s harvest of tomatoes, and then in the winter months, taking them out and making the most wonderful tomato and rice soup. It just hit the spot, in the most warming, delightful way. Our entire family couldn’t get enough! When she passed in 2014, the recipe went on with her. We haven’t been able to get it right since. Of course, what the recipe entails isn’t all too complicated, but there’s always something that seems to be missing.

Dare to wager a guess as to what that is?

Whether it’s the mince-meat pie you told her you don’t particularly like but eat every time she makes it, an unfortunate attempt at a quiche, or a linguine and clam dish that makes your mouth water to this day, they all are made with love. Your grandmother took the time, the effort, and their love and stirred it all together in order to take care of you, and there’s really no one else who can do it like they do!

What’s your grandmother’s signature dish?

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