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Living life to the fullest doesn’t have to be an abstract concept, but something that can be obtained if only we would take a 1 degree shift. Tania Carriere is deeply curious about what it means to be living our “best life”, so curious in fact that she travels the world curating immersive journeys to explore life’s biggest questions. Tania is a renowned leadership consultant and ICF Certified Positive Psychology and Leadership Coach. Her mission is to bring leadership and experiential learning practices to create the deeply engaging learning environments needed to effect impactful and resonant behavioural, emotional and relational change. In addition, her work with Advivum Journeys involves making sure people, who are curious like her, are able to retreat and go on their inner journey to inspire and provoke real change.

Be sure to tune into this episode and learn from Tania the impact of using discomfort as a tool for change.


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[00:01 – 8:03] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Tania Carriere
    • Bio
  • How Tania is impacting the world with his work
    • Crafting experiences
    • Helping people discover
    • Life to the fullest – The 1 degree shift
    • Choice, discovery, and epiphany

[08:04 – 25:39] The Importance of Choice

  • Tania’s thoughts on choice
    • Her experience
    • The ‘shoulds’
    • Bringing back the 1 degree shift
  • What am I choosing now?
    • Change doesn’t have to be a 100% all in event
    • It takes a 1% intentional choice
  • Remember your ‘Yay’ moments
    • Three things from your day to remember
    • Preserve gratitude
  • Two categories of questions
    • The ones we frame about the external world
    • The questions that are asked over and over
      • Do you hear me?
      • Will you choose me?
  • The curation of experiences throughout the day
    • Write them down
  • ‘This can not be my final answer’
    • Daunting but liberating

[25:40 – 39:24] Quest Towards Discovery

  • Choice can’t happen without discovery
    • Allowing yourself to have no expectation
    • Having the expectation for something new
  • Discovery is an expertise to learn
    • So focused on ‘lost’ that you miss the ‘find’
    • “I’m just not found yet”
    • Master Side-Eye Noticing
  • Focussing on the big picture not the pixels
  • ‘I go in expecting that everything is unknown’
    • Opening the opportunity to learn something new
    • My job is to find out what I can learn
  • What is an epiphany?
    • The analogy of the firefly
  • A word about Conspiracy of Goodness Network

[39:25 – 54:34] Epiphany: Using Discomfort as a Tool for Change

  • Reaching the level of epiphany
    • Life is defined individually at unique times
    • What does your fullest life mean to you?
    • Epiphany requires you to truly tune in
  • How to get to – ‘Hah! I didn’t know that’
    • Start with – wow
    • Stay in a place of wonder
  • The bacon and egg story
    • Losing out on wonder staying within comfort
    • How discomfort can lead to epiphany
  • The questions should leave you considering, not answering
    • How to ask better questions
    • Let your questions be invitations

[54:35 – 1:01:30] Closing Segment

  • Tania’s last advice – what you really need to know
    • The choice between two panels
    • It’s about the journey – toasting life
  • Connect with Tania
    • Links below
  • What proves to Tania that it’s still an amazing world
  • Final announcements

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