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We are rapidly entering a new age of ‘Conscious Capitalism’ – where kindness, creativity, and human value impacts our modern economics. Vinny Tafuro, founder of the Institute for Economic Evolution, is a visionary thinker, writer, entrepreneur, communications theorist, and economist. He is the author of two books, Corporate Empathy and Unlocking the Labor Cage, where he advocates for the twenty-first century economy that is “disrupting society’s most rigid institutions and beliefs.” His economic theories explore the societal and economic shifts being catalyzed by corporations as a result of technology, corporate personhood, and evolving human cognition. In other words, he believes that our economy is entering a new era that can pursue human connection and kindness rather than greed and consumerism.

Listen in to my conversation with Vinny and let’s dig deeper into the changing economic landscape where kindness is in.


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[00:01 – 5:36] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Vinny Tafuro
  • How Vinny started and the scope of his work
    • Vinny’s role and work
    • Institute for Economic Evolution
  • An intro to Human Economics
    • Household management and term for the market
    • A social psychology study within art and science
    • Returning humanity to a mathematical structure

[05:37 – 20:38] Understanding Social Capital

  • Vinny’s thoughts on economics and crisis
    • The need for solutions
    • Examples
    • We have a crisis of social capital
  • Understanding social capital
    • The trust that drives a community
    • A cycle of support
  • How to operate in social capital
    • A new metric for businesses to look for
  • A look at Wikipedia
    • The economics of an idea
    • It shows the ability to collaborate
  • Consumer trust and its importance to profit
    • The way advertisers are losing trust
    • How to improve
  • A word about Conspiracy of Goodness Network

[20:39 – 33:50] Business is Changing and Kindness is in

  • How to free up people’s time
    • The changing of how things are done
    • The time crisis
    • The positive effects of having more time
  • How this can be done in practice
    • 20% time example
    • Leaving room for the desire of productivity
  • Economics is incomplete
    • Humans are not rational beings
    • Emotions impact our economics
  • The power of the pause
  • Where real change comes from
    • It’s time to try new things

[33:51 – 47:47] Bringing Real Change to the Forefront

  • Vinny talks about the concept of lazy philanthropy
    • How it relates to conscious capital
    • The example of Andrew Carnegie and Rockefeller
    • Modern examples
    • Spend down foundation
    • Market sector vs. social sector
  • The concept of setting up the next generation for success
    • A lost concept
    • Paying dues forward
  • The Team Human movement
  • How things are changing rapidly

[47:48 – 58:44] Closing Segment

  • Vinny’s thoughts on Everybody Matters
  • A last deep dive into conscious capitalism
  • Final thoughts on changing economics
  • Connect with Vinny
    • Links below
  • What proves to Vinny that it’s still an amazing world
  • Final announcements

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