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There’s no more room for greed and empty promises in business; people want refreshment and purpose behind their purchase. Your ideal clients, happiness, growth, and success are all at your doorstep; and the path to unlocking it starts here. Michael Price is a thought leader, author, international motivational speaker, philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, and visionary. He is the Founder of G Michael Enterprises LLC and his journey has led him to not only huge milestones in business but in gratitude and wisdom. He has mastered the gratitude economy and his greatest revelations have resulted in his newest book, Chase People, Not Money, which – if there was ever a book you needed to get into your hands, it’s this one here.

Lean into this episode to start connecting the dots to the ‘missing pieces to the puzzles of life,’ and how giving a refreshing experience will lead to the success you seek in your business.


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[00:01 – 4:05] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Michael Price
  • How Michael started and the scope of his work
    • 30 years of studying and serving people
    • A cycle of curiosity
    • Where do you get your energy?
      • A love for people
    • Chase People, Not Money – a refreshing experience

[04:06 – 16:39]  Chase People, Not Money

  • People above money
    • Hold people’s feelings above money
    • A change of mindset
  • The effects of focussing on a love for people
    • Sifting good and bad clients
    • A higher form of AI – Automated Intelligence
    • Due rewards from the universe itself
  • A connection to the whole human race
    • A love for others opens doors
  • The incredible value covered in Michael’s book
    • Dynamics and unity between clients and employees
    • Networking
    • A work of passion
    • Economy and recession proof

[16:40 – 36:14]  Care for Others and the Money Will Follow

  • The importance of Scruples
    • Keeping your integrity based on values
    • The dangers of going beyond what you can manage
    • Gain it and sustain it
  • The ability to say ‘No’
  • Developing core beliefs/values
    • Everyone is born with a right to believe what they want
    • Being a Pearl Collector
    • Use these beliefs to fall in love with the whole human race
  • Antivirus software thinking
    • Example through Michael’s business growth
    • The blessing of instant feedback
  • Finding the right work environment that aligns with your values
    • Always give the boss a chance
    • Whatever you think you’re worth – double it!
  • A word about Conspiracy of Goodness Network

[36:15 – 54:04] Creating Your Own Reality

  • 4 principles to creating your own reality at work
    • 1. Be fast – whatever you do, it can be done faster
    • 2. Do it safely and efficiently
    • 3. Peripheral Concern – Learn and study all the details around you
    • 4. Consistency – the capstone to everything
  • How to know when it’s time to walk away
  • The language of respect and trust
    • Respect is a birthright
    • Passing the love barrier
    • Learning people’s respect language
  • How to make a choice to chase people and not money
    • To be a giver or a taker
    • Michael’s moment of choice
    • Honoring your customer’s money down to the penny

[52:37 – 59:27] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Michael
    • Links below
  • Planning to progress for the future
    • Michael’s secret to true happiness and energy
  • What proves to Michael that it’s an amazing world
  • Final announcements

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Connect with Michael on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Instagram. Check out https://www.gmichaelprice.com/ to learn more about how Michael is impacting the world.

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