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How are you during these changing times? Are you feeling stuck, asking, “why me?” I believe this episode is exactly what you need. Today’s thought leader is bridge builder and business mentor, Maureen ‘Mo’ McKenna. Mo is a ‘Pause-itive’ and eclectic explorer and adventurer as she herself is enchanted by knowledge and driven by curiosity. She actively impacts the world through her work with ROE (Return on Energy), a collaborative search to identify and understand an organization’s strengths, its potentials, its greatest opportunities, and people’s hopes for the future. In short, she helps humans be more human and more productive.

Give yourself a treat and listen to this episode to learn how to get unstuck by asking better questions that get us out of the ‘why?’ and into the ‘what next?’


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[00:01 – 06:55] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Mo McKenna
  • The scope of Mo’s work and impact on the world
    • ‘Pause-itive’ and eclectic explorer
    • Return on Energy
  • A look at the lockdown in Toronto
    • Life is changing

[06:56 – 23:55]  Asking the Better Questions: Why vs. What

  • Mo shares on her exploration on ‘asking better questions’
    • Research from Dr. Daniel Friedland
    • A holistic approach to how we lead ourselves
    • What matters most right now?
  • Recognizing and avoiding triggers with TIP:
    • T – This is not about you
    • I – “Isn’t that interesting?”
    • P – Plant tight and hang loose
  • Dealing with the unexpected and complex
    • Deal with efficiency but pivot
    • Nothing is certain or constant
    • Be kind to yourself and have compassion
  • How to get out
    • The Snakes and Ladders analogy
    • If you’re in a pit, there is a ladder for you
  • Mo talks about asking a more generative question
    • One that has different energy
    • Deliberate and genuinely curious
  • A word about Conspiracy of Goodness Network

[23:56 – 39:53] Solving Problems with the Other ‘AI’

  • Mo talks about Appreciative Inquiry
    • The different AI’s
    • Creating relationships for positive change
    • Get out of the problems and into the strengths
  • How to do AI
    • Start from the past learning phase
    • Get the image of the present
    • Figure out how to move forward
  • What do we want more of?
    • The example of lost luggage
    • Create the image of the future together
  • What do we all care about?
    • Create a safe place to flesh out the question
    • Frame it as a story
    • What is the smallest change or action?

[39:54 – 1:00:01] Who Do We Have to Become, What Comes Next?

  • Cleaning out the garage
    •  A deep look at Covid and the future
    • The example of Y2K
  • Who do we have to become to get to mars?
    • Getting out of judgment and into curiosity
    • The value of a dialogic approach
    • Out of the head into the heart
  • Be curious about the person in front of you
    • Like vs. respect
    • From knower to explorer
    • People and their worldview

[1:00:02 – 1:05:26] Closing Segment

  • Dealing with disagreements and different perspectives
    • Positive infection
  • Connect with Mo
    • Links below
  • Final words and announcements

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Mo on Twitter. Check out if you want your organization to thrive in an age of disruption.

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